November 27, 1978 12:00 PM

Patty Hearst

Thank you for the Patty Hearst/Bernie Shaw interview (PEOPLE, Nov. 6). I have chill bumps from seeing such a lovely smile on a face that seemed so sad for so long.

Charlotte Diamond

Maxwell AFB, Ala.

I agree with Ronald Reagan. If Patty’s family were not wealthy, people would identify with her and feel more compassion. She got into this mess in the first place because of an affluent family. Why make her suffer more? Let her be average, and let her be free.

Eleanor Church

Brantford, Ont.

As is somewhat common in our society, the criminal gets the publicity from bleeding hearts like you and the victims are forgotten.

George Thomas

Castro Valley, Calif.

I was sure upset to see Patty Hearst and her publicity-grabbing future husband on your cover. As for her supporters, Cesar Chavez should stick to his original cause. Ronald Reagan is his usual self. I just wonder if the Harrises are in prison because of their money. Glen Campbell “thinks” like he sings. Par for William Buckley—money sticks together. Can’t figure Lindy Boggs and the other 47 House members—lack of things to do?

Betty L. Lingar

Security, Colo.

Larry Berner

John DiCello, parent and supporter of the antigay-teacher Prop. 6, is typical of the mentality behind this witch hunt. His comment, “We only have the right of free speech if we say what’s right,” is a shocker. What’s “right” and who decides it? No on Prop. 6.

Jane Bean

San Francisco

And so voted Californians, who rejected the proposition 4 to 3.


I read your article on Larry Berner with great interest for I too am a teacher who happens to be homosexual. My becoming one was the result of a lengthy process with deep psychological roots. It was not precipitated by my grade school and high school teachers, who happened to be nuns. As for encouraging my own students to follow a gay life-style, asking them to lead my life of fear, pretending and senseless guilt would be an act of human cruelty.

Name withheld

Rochester, N.Y.

Last week it was the Kinsey report. This week it’s Prop. 6. Did it ever occur to you that people are getting tired of hearing about homosexuals?

Susan Carpon


Dean Paul Martin

C’mon, you guys. Swinger, okay. Ham-ill’s man, okay. But there will never be another Robert Redford!

Pat Burg

Paynesville, Minn.

Jane Howard

My wife has only a mom, dad, brother and two unmarried aunts and was thus unable to comprehend the devotion and emotional attachment among my surviving grandmother, father, brother, five nieces and nephews, 14 aunts and uncles, 20 first cousins, 62 second cousins and an untold number of third cousins. That is, until my Aunt Bertha died and we buried her in the middle of the Oklahoma prairie surrounded by monuments to three previous generations. The sensation of sharing the sadness of death with the elation of being among six generations of family prompted my wife to ask, “How do you write a thank-you note for being invited to a funeral?”

Rodney M. Phelps


Marcia Strassman

Marcia Strassman, you are so right! Gabe Kaplan is the most cold and inconsiderate creature. My father was his “bodyguard” during his stay in Pittsburgh last year. After two weeks of chauffeuring Kaplan to clothing stores 50 miles away and taking him to dinner at 4 a.m. every night, my father expected a nice tip. All he got was an oil painting of Kaplan done by a fan!

Sherri Shapiro Gold

Portland, Oreg.

Why did you give Marcia Strassman’s ugly ego spiraling out of control so much space? There are thousands of people working at jobs they hate, but they go on and do them.

John M. Anderson

Beverly Hills


In regard to Barbara Meyer’s letter concerning your cover on the rock band Chicago, I read the story as soon as I got the magazine. Then, after reading her letter, I went over the story again to see what I had missed. I couldn’t find any “gutter language,” as she calls it. She apparently doesn’t have too many magazines brought into her home. Keep your stories just the way they are.

Mrs. R. L. Chamberlain

Kansas City, Kans.

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