November 13, 1978 12:00 PM

Elizabeth Taylor

It is refreshing to see someone who is a truly beautiful woman adorn your cover rather than a mane of fake hair and a bag of bones. Bravo, Elizabeth Taylor (PEOPLE, Oct. 23)!

Bill Goulding

New York City

It seems to me that Cleopatra has turned herself into a pumpkin.

Henry Delgado

Los Angeles

Come on, you guys! Who has it in for Elizabeth Taylor? I saw her a few months ago and she was gorgeous! Heavy? Yes—but what an incredible face. Those shots of her are a disgrace. Who did the story—Doris Miller?

Marilyn Lee

New York City

Whether John Warner wins the election or not, Liz will still be a winner because she has always been “true to herself” despite public comment. PEOPLE is also a winner because you have chosen Ms. Warner for your cover five times, more than any other subject.

John B. Stewart

Brunswick, Mo.

For those who keep score, Cher and Jacqueline Onassis are tied for second with four covers each over the past four and a half years (not counting special year-end double issues).


John O’Donnell

John O’Donnell, head of the Air Line Pilots Association, is typical of the veteran pilot. It has long been the policy of pilots to lay blame elsewhere after an accident, usually on the controller or the FAA or both. Why doesn’t he do what we have been begging airline pilots to do for years—come up the tower to see what happens on the other end of the mike? In plain ATC [air traffic control] language, “O’Donnell doesn’t have the big picture.”

William O. Cooper Jr.

Former Controller

Riverdale, Ga.

Tammy Wynette

As I read about the crimes committed against Tammy Wynette, I broke out in goose bumps. Having a front row seat at one of her performances was an experience I’ll never forget. The show was outdoors in freezing weather. Tammy not only sang for two hours, she then subjected herself to more cold by offering to sign an unlimited number of autographs. My heart goes out to this gracious lady.

Martha Miller

Beaumont, Texas

Miss Wynette has displayed as much courage during the last two months as she has talent throughout her career. The only “hillbilly heartbreak” is the way your writers portrayed this time of her life so insensitively.

Mark Forster

Henderson, Tenn.

Betty Ford

I read that ex-President Ford was in favor of his wife having plastic surgery, but that her children were not. I think she looks fantastic. I would like to know how her children feel now?

P. Readinger

Terre Haute, Ind.

The lone original dissenting view was Susan’s spontaneous “Mom, you don’t want to do that.” Since the surgery, however, a Ford family spokesman reports, “Everybody is quite happy and very impressed.”


Johnny Mathis

After catching a Johnny Mathis performance here, I have but one thing to say to him: “Baby, you’re not getting older, you’re getting better.”

Jean Tammerine


Linda Schreiber

I loved your interview between the two mothers of quadruplets! I just gave birth to quads on June 6 (two boys and two girls). We (the 76 mothers in the U.S. with quads) share so many of the same joys and anxieties that it is comforting to exchange these feelings with each other.

Sharon Prussin

Alpine, N.J.

As one of those for whom a fertility drug did not work, I’d hardly call my adopted Korean daughters “nothing.” Bombing out biologically does not mean the end of all hopes for a family.

Kathleen Arno

Saratoga, Calif.


Thanks for your article on Bob Urich and Heather Menzies. I started watching Vega$ to see Vegas but, after the first show, it could have been called ¢ini¢nnati for all I cared. I hope Heather knows how blessed she is to have a husband who has such good looks and is sensitive to boot!

Shari Inglis

Saginaw, Mich.

Perry Ellis

If designer Perry Ellis declares this the year of the Slouch, I can only pray after seeing his creations that 1979 will be the year of the Posturepedic.

Diana L. Greene

Oxon Hill, Md.

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