Cheryl Ladd

Even though I’m a big FF-M fan, I don’t think she quite matches the human, friendly personality of Cheryl (PEOPLE, Sept. 18). She had very tough shoes to fill and she did.

Mike Copler


What a pretty cover girl she makes. That’s about it, though. If Cheryl’s single is climbing the Top 40, it must be taking its time. I’ve yet to hear it played.

Regina Lynn


Bob Peters

The pictures of Bob Peters are priceless. I laughed all the way to the living room couch—to show my husband, who was planted there.

Mrs. Charlotte Kawleski

Fond du Lac, Wis.

Aprons off to “househusband” Bob Peters! Admitting that housewifery is like “Marine boot camp” made my explanation of why I entered law school rational. Having had four children, it was the easy way out.

Kathleen Norris

Newport Beach, Calif.

Dr. Mary Giffin

Your article on Dr. Giffin and her work with teenage suicides took me back seven years when suicide became a daily obsession. I was lucky. A friend took the time to hold my hand. Many in this fast-paced society are not so fortunate. At the ripe old age of 24, I am pleased to see that there are people like Dr. Giffin who can give hope to troubled, lonely youths everywhere.

Christine Cummins


This poem by Dorothy Parker has been circulating in my daughter’s eighth-grade class this past school year:

“Razors pain you;

Rivers are damp;

Acids stain you;

And drugs cause cramp.

Guns aren’t lawful;

Nooses give;

Gas smells awful;

You might as well live.”

Mattie Mason

Los Angeles

Estelle Parsons

I want to thank you for printing my statement that I would do Shakespeare for cab fare (Oct. 16, 1977). Shortly afterward, E. Courtney Kahr, a woman lawyer, wrote me from Kauai, Hawaii and said if I would do it for plane fare, she was inviting me over to play Lady Macbeth with the Kauai Community Players. They put me up in two gorgeous places on the ocean and loaned me a car. In return, last June I delivered a Lady Macbeth described by a Honolulu critic as “world class.” Here I am [above] with leis from everybody in the company.

Would you mind printing now that I’ll do French farce for carfare?

Estelle Parsons

New York City

Criminal Lawyers

Among them, these six “top” murder defense lawyers worked on at least 730 murder cases and FREED approximately 75 percent of their clients. I wonder how the victims would feel about these odds.

Joan S. Eppinger

Madison, Wis.

Stephen Bishop

Stephen Bishop’s new album Bish proves he’s justified in calling himself “rock’s answer to Henny Youngman.” It’s touching, funny and, yes, just a bit “weird.” But face it, anyone who can get 34 people to whistle Onward Christian Soldiers in unison and call themselves “The Whistling Bishettes” can’t be all bad.

C.A. Murdock

New York City

F. Lee Bailey

In a recent article (Sept. 4) you quoted F. Lee Bailey as saying that “we fired him [Terence Hallinan] and he lay on the floor and cried.” Mr. Bailey was not present at the meeting at which his partner Al Johnson and I mutually agreed that I should withdraw from the Patricia Hearst case. The meeting was certainly emotional and if Mr. Bailey had said that I almost punched his partner I could not deny it. But to say that I lay on the floor and cried is ridiculous.

Terence Hallinan

San Francisco

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