September 18, 1978 12:00 PM

Star Gardeners

You managed to capture one of nature’s most beautiful creations on your cover (PEOPLE, Aug. 28). The flowers were pretty too.

Richard Crystal


Your cover of Ann-Margret is without doubt the loveliest portrait I have ever seen on any magazine.

Tom Creasy

New York City

My grandfather once owned the property where Orioles manager Earl Weaver put his garden, and he had several chicken houses on the site. So you see, it is George Kress’ chicken droppings, not Weaver’s cow manure, that keep Earl’s garden thriving. Thank you for letting me clear this matter up.

Anne Deinlein


Good Cop Mike Rosa

As a former resident of Wyoming and as a friend of a former Wyoming law enforcement official who now does not set foot in Wyoming unless at least a dozen people here have an exact timetable of his itinerary, I can tell you that Rock Springs isn’t the only trouble spot. The whole state is a mess.

Misty Talmadge

Loveland, Colo.

The look on young Christopher Rosa’s face made me cry. Maybe now something will be done in Rock Springs. Please let Mrs. Rosa know that there are people who care about her and her family. Mike Rosa was a hell of a man. I admire him, and also her for the courage to stay in that godforsaken town.

Linda K. Patrick

Jenison, Mich.

Picks & Pans

On the auspicious occasion of PEOPLE’S deigning to acknowledge my auctorial existence after only a quarter century of writing books, I slavishly write to acknowledge your attention.

I understand that while it is always okay for someone like a Picks & Pans graduate of the Evelyn Wood Follow-Your-Finger School of Literary Criticism to lay down the most bananas remarks, it is never okay for the object of that functional illiteracy to respond with a snotty note.

Nonetheless, bad taste has took me by the throat, and I submit this offensive bleat only to extend my thanks for a review so lucid that it forces me to deny the validity of the forty-plus positive reviews Strange Wine has already garnered.

I’d deeply appreciate it if the next time you “review” one of my books—or me—you engage someone who can read.

Harlan Ellison

Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Grace Slick

Grace Slick is the only true rock queen. No one can match the power of her voice and her innovative songwriting. She has a certain charisma that (outside of Joplin) no other female performer has ever been able to emulate. So Gracie, stop the booze. You’ve licked the ’60s, and you can survive the ’70s.

August Carfano

Mount Vernon, N.Y.

I can’t get Grace Slick’s comment that she couldn’t “keep an eye on the kid while hallucinating” off my mind. Like Grace, I used every kind of drug plus alcohol. After years of this I was barely able to think. Now that my head is finally clear, I can see how appalling her statement is. Grace can turn her brain into applesauce for all I care, but what about her responsibility to her daughter? When Marty Balin said Grace Sick, he said it all.

Name Withheld


Grace Slick is my all-time hero. She helped to raise my political and social awareness when I was a 12-year-old listening to Volunteers. Now, at 21, I am a newscaster and reporter for a radio station in Fort Lauderdale. This may not be a big deal to some, but I feel good about what I’m doing and credit Grace with being my inspiration.

Candy Kosow

Lauderhill, Fla.

Mario Andretti

Mario Andretti is the best race car driver to come around in a long time. And now the Grand Prix title! That’s where he belongs—at the top, second to none.

Bette Anne Doin

Alexandria, Va.

Andretti virtually cinched the championship with his Dutch Grand Prix win on Aug. 27.


Diana Nyad

You quote co-navigator Rich du Moulin as telling Diana: “We just discovered that we’re way off course. You’ve been swimming in circles…it’s time to call it quits.” After working with Diana for almost a year and spending three days with only two hours’ sleep, it is highly unlikely that any of us would be so casual. When the headwinds failed to dissipate and the sea continued to build, time finally ran out on Diana’s valiant effort. It was the sad duty of head trainer Margie Carroll, Diana’s friend Donna DeVarona and du Moulin to tell her that she couldn’t make it to Florida. There was not a dry eye among the navigators, trainers or cage crew.

Rich du Moulin

Spencer Evans

George Post

New York City

Lou Ferrigno

I thoroughly enjoy watching The Incredible Hulk along with my grandson. For the life of me, though, I can’t understand why everything else bursts and shreds on his expanding body, while his cute little pants remain intact.

Noreen O’Brien


The Katz Family

My husband and I recently returned from the Soviet Union where we had the enormous pleasure of visiting with Boris, Natalya and Jessica Katz (PEOPLE, Aug. 7). Since our meeting with the Katz family postdates your article, I thought you would like to know that Jessica seems to be progressing well. My husband, a pediatrician, was able to examine her and indicated that her development at this point is normal and her weight gains satisfactory. I played with Jessica during one visit and she was a smiling and responsive infant. We were able to leave a large supply of vitamin pills with iron for Natalya to supplement her meager diet during her second pregnancy. Boris was fearful that vitamin insufficiency might have been a factor in the malabsorption syndrome which has plagued Jessica since birth. We hope that other tourists might arrange to bring in other vital supplies for the Katz family and for other families whose stories are not so widely known.

Aileen Mandel

Flossmoor, Ill.

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