September 11, 1978 12:00 PM

The Elvis Legend

I loved your approach to the man—”Elvis was the light that shined on everybody” (PEOPLE, Aug. 21). It was about time someone did a story about the people involved in his life.

Karen Plesher

Colonia, N.J.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I read how those close to him loved and respected the real Elvis.

Martha Miller

Beaumont, Texas

The only person to come out of the whole Elvis story with any dignity or self-respect has to be Linda Thompson. She isn’t writing a book, hawking memorabilia, hitting every magazine and TV show claiming she was his fiancee or starring in some cheap movie with a lot of “coincidences” about an overweight rock’n’roll superstar. Linda’s career may not be zooming, but she’s No. 1 in the hearts of Elvis’ fans.

Susette Brown

Rochester, N.Y.

For all of us who have yet to visit Grace-land, would you print the words on Elvis’ grave?

June Moulton

Portland, Oreg.

The inscription, written by his father, reads, in part: “He was a precious gift from God. He was admired not only as an entertainer, but for the great humanitarian that he was. God saw that he needed some rest, and called him home to be with Him.”


Rosemary Furman

Florida attorneys are charging Ms. Fur-man with practicing law because she “asks and answers questions” about divorce papers? Really! Such greed by the legal profession is no longer interesting or newsworthy. It’s now a bore.

Evelyn Sears.

Culver City, Calif.

Sandy Farina

Sandy Farina seems to be a well-balanced individual complete with an appreciation for the moment, aspirations for the future and no overt regrets about the past.

Kathleen Vodra


Sgt. Pepper is “all wet”? Only from tears of enjoyment. No violence, no sex, no foul words—just a splendid time.

Cindy Finney

Middletown, Ohio

Henry Miller

I have never read a book by Henry Miller, but I have studied all the Diaries and much of the fiction of the late Anaïs Nin. She writes of Miller throughout, so I was surprised she wasn’t mentioned in the interview. Nin has been such an inspiration to women and to writers of this century, perhaps Miller could give us a glimpse of her personage.

Gail Gieseking

Royal Oak, Mich.

“He has never commented on her in public and won’t do so now,” says Miller’s secretary. Miller wrote in My Life and Times (1972): “I’ve often said that France provided the climate I needed as a writer. What I have not said is that my inspiration to write was the beautiful and talented Ana’i’s Nin whom I first met when she was, like myself, unknown…Over the years we have inspired one another—but my debt to her is greater than hers to me.”


Charlie Walsh

Regarding your story on the $100,000 bank error: Does Mr. Walsh have to pay back the money he spent?

Leslie Roschke

Saratoga, Calif.

His case is still pending. Meanwhile he’s working in a New Jersey bowling alley. “There’s been a lot of talk about books and movies and maybe a teleplay, “says Charlie. “Just pie in the sky. This job is meat on the table.” But he’s looking for an agent.


Robin Ellis

For all us always-home-Sunday-at-9 Poldark fans, your story on Robin Ellis was as welcome as high tide in a smuggler’s cove.

Sara Cox

Bangor, Maine

What did Robin Ellis’ “investigation” of America bring him?

Sandie Paladonya

Worcester, Mass.

“I like the sense of purpose about the place, “says Ellis. “People are very positive about the way they go about things. In England there’s a reluctance to take action. But there are a lot of workaholics in America who could do with some relaxation.”


Joe Gilliam

Shortly after your article on Gilliam’s comeback in football, he walked out of the Wolf Pak camp. His coach explained, “Joe had a hard time remembering he was only a player, not a coach or an owner.”

Tim Jones

Harrisburg, Pa.

Gilliam’s contract has been sold to the semipro Toronto Grizzlies.


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