October 26, 1992 12:00 PM

Singer, Dancer, Compulsive Metamorph, 34

NEWEST SELF: Pictorial bi toy.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Finding fresh ways to shock.

Any photograph of the Material Girl actually wearing any material is hopelessly un-courant. Her latest incarnation means there’s a lot more of her—in fact, almost all of her—on display in Sex and Erotica, her new book and record. Given her eccentric fashion choices, nudity may be the way to go. After all, skin is always in—but some outfits are always out. Take the passé gold tooth, coupled with slovenly cuffs, displayed in September, when she was still wearing clothes. “Madonna could be one of the most glamorous, beautiful women in the world,” says Key West designer Beverly Nelson Safire. “I think she chooses not to.” Susan Bixler adds, “It doesn’t take a great deal of wardrobe creativity to shock and offend. It’s harder to be tasteful.” And James Brady asks simply, “Do we really have to put up with this?”

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