September 10, 2007 12:00 PM

AGE: 36


LATEST GIG: Stars as a married man with a mysterious past (and a taste for brunettes) on AMC’s acclaimed series

• THOSE WERE THE DAYS: Set in 1960, Mad Men harkens back to an era of three–martini lunches and wide–eyed secretaries. Hamm’s character, New York City advertising hotshot Don Draper, and his colleagues take full advantage of both. “Men absolutely had it better” back then, Hamm says with a laugh. “The dream of success and happiness was coined by these guys. If you drive this car, smoke this cigarette or use this cologne, you will be happy. It was a sexy and alluring time. It was like being a kid in a candy shop if you were a white Anglo male.”

• MAKING AN HONEST MAN OUT OF HIM: Unlike his philandering counterpart, Hamm’s a one-woman man. “I’ve been with the same girl for 10 years,” he says: actress Jennifer Westfeldt (Notes from the Underbelly), 37. “We’re incredibly happy. We have a great life together, a beautiful dog, a house. I’m a very lucky guy.” Marriage? “We’ll cross that bridge when it comes up … and I can’t say it hasn’t come up!”

• SMOKING SECTION: On the show, everybody smokes–everywhere. “I quit smoking when I was 24,” Hamm says. “It’s glamorous on film, but it’s not glamorous waking up and smelling like an ashtray.” On-set, “There’s no nicotine in what we’re smoking. It’s herbal. The taste is a cross between lawn clippings, mint and pot.”

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