October 22, 2014 12:00 PM


WITH HIS SIGNATURE LIP RING AND FLAWLESS quiff, Luke Hemmings is 5SOS’s resident heartthrob. But looks may be deceiving. “We’re not really that cool,” Luke, 18, told Rock Sound. Though he’s the band’s most popular member (he has 4 million Twitter followers!), he still sees himself as a “dork” from a tiny town. “Our beginnings were so humble,” he says of his working-class upbringing in Riverstone, New South Wales. “I grew up in a small house in the middle of nowhere with my dog Molly, a Labrador-cross-collie. My dad [Andrew] fixes up pools and other things; my older brothers Jack and Ben are both builders,” he says. While his mom, Liz, once taught Luke’s fellow bandmate Ashton high school math, neither of his parents were big music influences. “They are not really musical at all, but they do love a bit of AC/DC,” says Luke. His mother doesn’t argue with that. “No one likes to hear me sing!” she has said. Once her son graduated to full-on rock stardom, Liz took on another job: 5SOS Mom. Throughout their first tour with 1D, she traveled with the band because Luke was only 16 at the time. “Liz did everything,” says 5SOS’s first manager, Adam Wilkinson. “She cooked for the guys and drove them everywhere.” She was also 5SOS’s biggest cheerleader. “It makes me tear up every time,” said Liz. “I’ve seen hundreds of shows, and each one—it doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny little venue or Wembley Stadium—I get the same feeling of pride, of ‘Wow, that’s my baby up there.'” While she joins them only occasionally these days, she feels the boys are in good hands. “They’ve had some pretty good grounding so far, because the people around them are like a family to them,” said Liz, who still handles photos for the band. “They call them their ‘tour family.’ They really do look after them.” Michael, Ashton and Calum look out for their “little brother” too. And if Luke tends to steal their toothpaste and clean underwear or hog the tour-bus movie player or sing strange and endless songs in the shower? No worries, mate. “Being in a band really lets you be what you are,” Luke tells PEOPLE. “That is the most beautiful thing about it.”


1 How I Met Your Mother is his favorite TV show.

“I remind myself of Ted,” he says. “I’m not cool enough to be Barney.”

2 He gets his pre-concert jolt from a jar.

“Gotta get that vitamin Nutella before the show,” he says.

3 He loves School of Rock.

“Every single day,” says Ashton, “Luke makes a School of Rock quote without fail.”

4 Snoozing = heaven.

“Aw, man, if napping were a sport, I would be dominating,” says Luke, who once fell asleep taking a shower!

5 He doesn’t always wear sneakers and skinny black pants.

“It’s my day off, I can wear jeans and flip-flops if I want,” he says.


• He’s someone to watch the stars with.

“Me time is 1 to 5 a.m.,” he says about his night-owl ways.

• He’s a fan of fro-yo.

“I wish frozen yogurt places delivered,” says Luke, who’s partial to Pinkberry. “I’m an addict.”

• He’s handy around the house.

Luke has been known to do laundry and grocery shop, and “I just ironed a shirt for the first time,” he posted in July.

• He’ll keep you safe.

“I’ve watched so many scary movies that I now check behind all the possible bad-guy hiding spots,” he admits.

• He loves his mother!

“Good to see Mum, even just for a little bit,” he said while on a break from touring.

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