By Cynthia Sanz
November 04, 1991 12:00 PM

THE BRIDE WORE SATIN. THE GROOM wore boots. Substitute a steel guitarist for the harp soloist and it might have made a darn fine country song. But last week’s Texas-style nuptials of country singer Clint Black and former Knots Landing star Lisa Hartman wasn’t for public consumption. “We wanted to keep it very simple,” says Clint. “Just say what we wanted to say to our families and make our promises to each other.”

The Oct. 20 wedding, on his 180-acre farm outside Houston, was the first for both Black, 29, and Hartman, 35. Under an arch of flowers on the porch of the farmhouse, the pair exchanged diamond-inlaid wedding bands and recited vows—Black wrote them—before Houston Judge John Hutchinson. “It was so beautiful,” says Hartman. “I don’t think I’ll ever forget the moment.”

The couple first met last New Year’s Eve when Lisa and her mother attended Clint’s performance in Houston. “I was knocked out by the show,” says Lisa. “Then I went backstage, and I was knocked out again.” Remembers Clint: “There were about 200 people backstage that night, but with those beautiful blue eyes, she stood out in the crowd.” Dating was tough, given their schedules, but after visits in L.A. and Nashville (and a precious few days together in Toronto and Hawaii this summer), they were ready for the next step. “How do you know? You just know,” says Clint. “You just feel like you couldn’t live without her.” He proposed in Salt Lake City in September and Lisa accepted. “We had both had the same sort of fears about marriage,” she says, “but when you meet the right person, you know.”

There were a few last-minute jitters. “I got a little nervous because there was so much going on,” admits Lisa. “Then I came around the corner and saw his face, and he was all I could think about.” For his part, Clint says he never doubted. “It’s funny. I’ve watched so many of my friends get married, and their nerves are on edge, but I didn’t have any of that. I was just so happy, so at peace—and so relieved that I was gonna have this woman with me for the rest of my life.”

Ain’t no country song sweeter than that.