By Alex Tresniowski and Peter Mikelbank
Updated October 11, 2010 12:00 PM

George Clooney knows a bit about looking good, so it’s no surprise he hit the Armani show in Milan Sept. 27. But this time all eyes were on his date-Italian TV host Elisabetta Canalis, his girlfriend of nearly 15 months. “He used to go to the shows alone just to look at the models,” says a colleague. “Elisabetta is the first girl, I think, he’s brought with him.”

If that’s not amore, what is? Clooney, 49, and Canalis, 32, an item since meeting through friends in Rome in July 2009, seem surprisingly serious. At a cozy dinner Sept. 21 at Milan’s Da Giacomo, “they snuggled up together; he was eating with one hand and had his other arm around her,” a restaurant source tells PEOPLE. And a few days earlier, the pair visited Elisabetta’s hometown of Tresnuraghes, Sardinia, to meet her family. Clooney got to know the folks over gnocchi and limoncello. “He was a real gentleman-not just with Elisabetta, but with her family,” says a source at a hotel where the clan feasted on Sept. 16. “He listened carefully as her relatives told stories in broken English of Elisabetta and her brothers’ childhood, and he’d ask Elisabetta to translate.”

Is marriage in the cards? “They are a beautiful couple and get on very well,” is all one pal will say. But if anyone can turn the ultimate bachelor into uno sposo (that’s Italian for groom), it may be Canalis. “George is always looking to see if a woman can make him laugh, and Elisabetta does,” says his colleague. “She is the one.”