By People Staff
Updated January 19, 1981 12:00 PM

Joey Wanag, 14, a silver medalist at the 1980 Pan Am Junior Judo Championship in Mexico City, almost didn’t compete because his mother, Mary, a widow who operates a diner in Georgetown, Conn., could not afford to pay for the trip. But real estate agent Nancy Edwards, a regular at Mary’s diner, heard about the young athlete’s predicament and started collecting funds. A local consulting company paid for the trip, and other community contributions will send Joey to future events. He had been a gold medalist at the 1978 Pan Am championship in Puerto Rico, but this time he was the youngest contender in the 14-to-16, 139-pound class, and he was defeated by Mexican Federico Vizcarra, 16. “Considering age and altitude, I guess I did okay,” Joey reflects. A first-degree brown belt (he’s too young for a black), Joey is the U.S. Judo Federation’s Outstanding Junior for 1980. Wanag has lost only once in five years of national competition. The youngest of four children of a tool and die maker, he was coaxed into classes at 7 because his mother wanted a male influence in his life. He now regularly challenges opponents such as John Walla, 23 (right). Joey, a high school freshman, helps out at the diner on Saturdays and trains faithfully three times a week. “If you miss,” Joey grins, “the next time around you’re sore.”

Tina Cassaday, 23, is just a hairbreadth away from celebrity. Janet Leigh (far left) and Jamie Lee Curtis are often in Cassaday’s salon chair. For that matter, Barry Manilow, Pink Floyd and most of the cast of Eight Is Enough have their manes coiffed at her Beverly Hills shop. Since opening in March, Tina has grossed $150,000, charging $40 a cut and up to $200 for multicolor streaking. For Love at First Bite, she used 20 blond shades on brunette Susan Saint James, and during filming of The Fog battled the cast’s frizzies. Dallas-born Tina is the daughter of actor John Gilgreen and Mina Green, a Clairol executive (Cassaday is from her first marriage). At 13, Tina began assisting her mother at hair shows, and five years later was hired out of beauty school by Hollywood stylist Dusty Fleming. Now married to Englishman Terry Baxter, 28, owner of a vitamin company, Tina plans someday to open a London salon. But the technology of the future excites her most: “Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz asked, ‘Can you even dye my eyes to match my gown?’ Someday,” Tina believes, “that’ll be done.”