August 25, 1980 12:00 PM

Paul Masson was 9 when his family took up running two years ago. Soon he was passing brothers Marc, now 13, Rob, 16, and even his father, Manhattan real estate investor Robert Masson. One of the fastest young distance runners in America, Paul has completed seven marathons—including last year’s New York (he placed in the top seven percent of the field of more than 14,000 with a time of 2:59:24) and Boston (2:59:35). His best time is a 2:53:50 in the 1980 New Orleans Marathon. A year ago Paul began another career when his mother, a former model now divorced from their father, suggested her two youngest sons try modeling. Now Paul fetches $75 an hour as one of the Ford agency’s top child models. He averages a dozen jobs a month and has appeared in TV spots for Chuckles Candy (he is a junk food addict) and Hefty paper plates. Competition with Marc for assignments is fierce. Recently the brothers were the two finalists out of 200 kids considered for an M&M commercial. Marc won out. Paul, who will be a seventh-grader this fall, racks up 30 to 50 miles a week running around Calvary Cemetery in his Queens, N.Y. neighborhood. Not that he has to. “Paul could stop running now,” says U.S. Olympic gold medalist Frank Shorter, “pick it up again in seven years and still be world class.”

Paula McKenna, 21, and her 22-year-old sister Mary (left) own Vanity Inc., a cosmetics salon nestled among the trendy galleries on La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood. The sisters did Kramer vs. Kramer stars Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman for a layout in Vogue—as well as Persis Khambatta’s bald look for the movie Star Trek. For $30 a session in the store and $50 an hour on a TV or movie set, the McKennas apply makeup and show clients how to do it themselves. Regulars like Natalie Wood, Priscilla Presley and Suzanne Somers also drop in for hard-to-get beauty items like Robert’s Baby Talc from Italy and German sable face brushes. Raised as Army brats (their father was a master sergeant who later joined the Navy as a security officer), North Carolina-born Mary and Chicago-born Paula grew up on bases in the U.S., Greece and Spain. Last November, after working as salesgirls at Vanity, the sisters bought the shop with $30,000 borrowed from their family; the McKennas expect to gross more than $150,000 this year. They live with their mother in a West Hollywood duplex (their parents are divorced)and wear different makeup and colors every day. Call it Vanity.

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