July 21, 2003 12:00 PM

ROLE: Cupid‘s eligible bachelorette

HOMETOWN: Rochester Hills, Mich.

MR. RIGHT: Tall, dark and Jackman

•Why people are talking about her:

Shannon, 25, put her career as an advertising copywriter on hold to star in Simon Cowell‘s new CBS reality series Cupid. She and two girlfriends winnowed down hundreds of would-be suitors; viewers will vote off the final 10. “It’s a service to women to expose what we have to go through,” she says.

•Parental reaction:

“It won’t be weird to see her dating on TV,” claims her father, Mike, 59, a pilot (mom Phyllis, 45, is an assistant to a financial advisor). “I know she won’t do anything she doesn’t want to do.”

•Big break:

Beating out hundreds of women for Cupid. “Everyone else wanted to be an actress,” says executive producer Cowell. “She was totally sincere.” His only complaint? “She hasn’t come on to me.”

•Love life:

She’s been fielding cheesy pickup lines since ending an engagement last July. “One guy actually said he wanted to ‘bask in [my] copy-writing prowess,’ ” says Shannon, who lives in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Her ideal mate? “Dark hair, 6’1″ or taller” and “a healthy physique, like Hugh Jackman.”

•Perks Of fame:

Shannon and the winner share a $1 million dowry if they marry for a year, but she won’t wed for money: “I still want to be with my husband when I’m 90.”

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