By People Staff
April 08, 1974 12:00 PM

The water skier above is a Californian named Lisa St. John, 19, and she is competing in Melbourne, Australia’s Moomba Festival. Translated from the aboriginal “moomba” means “Let’s get together and have fun.” Clearly, Lisa does not have it all together. Most especially, she is not having fun. On her final run in the jump competition, Lisa approached the ramp too fast and moments later landed with a graceless splash in the Yarra River. She was uninjured, but the spill took her out of the competition. Falling and losing are unusual for Lisa, who won the biennial Women’s World Championships at Bogotá, Colombia last year, a title she must defend in London next year. She began water skiing in the arms of her father when she was just 18 months old and has skied by herself since she was 3—not surprising perhaps, since her mother is Babs St. John, America’s National Women’s Champion in 1962. Lisa, who lives with her family in Fall River Mills, Calif., is well known in Australia, having skied there for the past five years. She took mixed pride in the fact that what the promoters claimed was the world’s biggest water skiing audience—200,000 on the river banks and 1.5 million on TV—watched the spectacular tumble.