By People Staff
February 13, 1995 12:00 PM

On a recent trip to New York City, Clint Black and Lisa Hartman were all set to go to the theater when word arrived that the show had been canceled. Did they hit the roof, cursing their bum luck? Nope, says Hartman. “We were dressed, we had a limousine ready, and we could have gone anywhere. Instead,” she happily confides, “we just went back to the hotel room.”

The surroundings were familiar. “We learned right off,” says Black, 33, who first met Hartman when she wangled an invitation backstage at his 1990 New Year’s Eve concert in Houston, “that we could be stuck in a hotel room forever, never see another person and be totally satisfied.”

In fact, for the first year of their marriage, Hartman, 38, turned down all acting jobs to stay by her man in motels around the country. But more recently after signing on for such projects as the forthcoming CBS mini-series Dazzle, she has found it harder to go on the road. “We live to be piled up in bed, hanging around, doing the most mundane things,” she says of their rare moments at home in the Hollywood Hills. “I’ll cook, and we’ll watch old movies. We have a blast.” It helps that they pamper each other with extravagant tokens of affection. Because he always longed to be an astronaut, she once arranged for him to fly with the Air Force in an F-l6; he surprised her last Christmas Eve by having their house blanketed with man-made snow. “That,” Hartman says, “is the kind of romantic thing Clint will do.” Which reminds her of the time they were all packed and ready to fly to Hawaii for a luxury vacation, and at the last minute—you guessed it—called the whole thing off. “We looked around,” says Hartman, “and realized how great it was just to be home.”