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They share the same genes—check out those matching mouths—and a passion for filmmaking, but as siblings, Angelina Jolie, 28, and her brother James Haven, 31, are best known for That Kiss at the 2000 Oscars. Haven hopes that will change when his thriller Breaking Dawn, in which he plays a mental patient, bows this week at the Cannes Film Festival, where Jolie—who stars in the upcoming Alexander with Colin Farrell—plans to cheer him on. The candid duo sat down to dish with PEOPLE’S Todd Gold.

So what’s it like to see your big brother take center stage?

Angelina: I’m so proud of him. Growing up, I couldn’t have cared less about movies. He had to drag me to them. Jamie always loved film. He should’ve been the one who was working first.

How do you two compare?

Angelina: We’re almost perfect opposites. He never swears. I swear like a truck driver when I’m angry. When it comes to the moral high ground, he wins. When it comes to being crass and loud and tough, that’s me.

Who was more theatrical as a kid?

James: That would be her.

Angelina: Because you were always holding a camera.

James: I’d tell her to act for me. We did a version of a Subway commercial of her saying something like, “I’ll punch your face if you don’t buy a sandwich.”

What impressions do you have of each other as children?

Angelina: I remember him as a happy child and then getting to a certain age and becoming very sad. When I used to have to cry in a film, I’d think of Jamie at age 6, so full of hope and happiness.

James: I’d say the same thing—a little girl who was so wonderful and then things go wrong and cause pain.

Once and for all: What was the deal with that Oscar kiss?

Angelina: First, we’re the best of friends. And it wasn’t some odd open-mouthed kiss. It was disappointing that something so beautiful and pure could be turned into a circus.

James: It was an amazing moment. Yet it was totally misconstrued.

Angelina, how are you as a prospective sister-in-law?

Angelina: I’ve always been tough on anyone he’s dated. I’ve been the nightmare for any girl. But if I like her, I’m fantastic.

James, did you approve of Angelina’s ex-husbands [actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton]?

Angelina: I think he didn’t approve of any of them.

James: No, I did. I trust her opinion. If she says, “I like this guy,” then I see his great qualities.

Has your estranged dad [actor Jon Voight, 65, who was divorced from the siblings’ mother, Marcheline Bertrand, 54, in 1979] seen Breaking Dawn?

James: I was notified that he said my performance was a masterpiece. To get that approval gives me a sense of peace. It’s what I’ve always wanted to hear and never thought I’d get.

How has motherhood [to Maddox, 2] changed Angelina?

James: I’ve seen that wonderful glow she had as a child come back. He’s made her happy again.

Angelina: Maddox is going to school in England. He’s got a little blazer and tie. I’m dealing with, “Can he be part of the Nativity play?” But he’s a Buddhist! And yet I want him to be included….

James, how do you like playing uncle?

James: He is fantastic. He loves to give me a tray and put his plastic food on it one at a time till it’s full. He’s the boss.

How was the Alexander shoot?

Angelina: One of the best experiences I’ve had on a film. [Director] Oliver [Stone] felt like a father. Colin was amazing. We got on really well. The reason why we’d never end up dating is that we’re the same in a lot of ways.

What are your upcoming plans?

Angelina: I want to finish my stuff for my pilot’s license. I like the idea of having an actual skill.

James, what would you like to see your sister do next?

James: I’d like to see her run for office. She’s incorruptible. Angelina: ‘Cause I’ve already been there. Someone told me that politics brings out the skeletons in your closet. Mine are all over the place.

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