June 09, 2003 12:00 PM

Here Comes: Lindsay Sloane, 25, plays Albert Brooks’s frazzled bride-to-be daughter in The In-Laws, a remake of the 1979 movie comedy.

Always a Bridesmaid: Sloane happily did the honors for best buddy Sarah Michelle Gellar’s 2002 nuptials. Professionally, though, she’s done playing second fiddle. “I was the quirky best friend in everything,” says Sloane, whose credits include supporting stints on TV’s The Wonder Years and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

Something Borrowed, Something New: When she was 20, “I got my nose done and everything changed,” she says. “Suddenly I was able to get auditions as the girl who had best friends”—and won a role as a cheerleader in 2000’s Bring It On. “A lot of people tried to talk me out of it,” she says of the surgery. Not mom Renée, 56, a suburban L.A. children’s librarian (dad Joey, 56, is a sales manager) who had a nose job herself at 19. Says Renée: “It was funny how one little thing made such a difference.”

Till Death Do Us Part: The avid cook and infomercial junkie (“It’s all about my George Foreman grill”) will wed her boyfriend of two years, talent manager Dar Rollins, 29, in 2004. “We don’t want a huge wedding,” says Sloane. “We do want snow cone and cotton candy machines.”

Honeymoon Phase: Look for Sloane as a sassy twentysomething back with her family in CBS’s upcoming sitcom The Stones. “It’s hard,” says Sloane about the inevitable rejections of showbiz. “But then I’ll get a job and it’s like, ‘This is the best business ever!'”

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