October 06, 2008 12:00 PM

Just how is college life at USC treating hip-hop star Romeo (real name: Percy Romeo Miller Jr.)? “I had to type a five-page paper on my first day!” says Miller, 19, a freshman point guard for the Trojan basketball team, who plans to study film production to become “the next Spielberg.”

After moving from his L.A. manse into a dorm, the son of rapper Master P is slowly adjusting to doing laundry (“I never thought it would be so hard”) and being kept awake by his roommate “trying to talk sexy” to coeds on the phone. And closet space is a challenge—Miller’s sweaters are in the kitchen drawers. But he’s got a surefire way to concentrate in class. Says Miller: “All the girls come sit by me, so I tell them, ‘Sit in front so I can focus!'”

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