August 30, 2010 12:00 PM


The mini Mets fan (at 18 months) “always said, ‘I’m gonna be famous some day!'” says dad Andy Polizzi.

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“He was very quiet when he was little,” says Linda Sorrentino of her son (at 6 months). “He wasn’t outgoing till high school.”


“My dad raised me like a little boy,” says J-Woww (at 7 months). “It was all martial arts and go-karting.”


As a kid, “he did modeling school,” says mom Constance Ortiz of her tiny sailor (at 15 months). “He was a character!”


“He was a quiet, sweet kid,” says mom Paola Guadagnino of her little guy (at age 2). “He loved to draw.”


Growing up in Staten Island, Angelina (at age 3) was “a very happy little girl,” says mom Annmarie Pivarnick.

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“He was such a lovable good kid, always with the hugs!” says mom Donna DelVecchio of her son (at age 4).


“Me and my sisters used to play dress-up and do Miss America pageants,” says Sammi (at age 3).

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