April 30, 2007 12:00 PM

A day in the life of Matthew McConaughey is everyone else’s best Spring Break ever. Fresh from a winter spent surfing, sunning and toning his tan muscles while shooting the adventure film Fool’s Gold in Australia, the highly paid beach bum headed back to the States this month for … more surfing, sunning and toning his tan muscles. On April 10, McConaughey and his beloved Airstream had taken up residence at an RV park in Malibu, where he has been mellowing out by the Pacific Ocean. Maybe it’s all prep for McConaughey’s upcoming movie, Surfer Dude, or maybe it’s just how he rolls: “He’s a total free spirit,” says a pal. “He just wants to be happy and knows what does it for him.”

And what surfer dude wouldn’t be happy sharing a blanket with The Girl from Ipanema (or thereabouts)? Since parking his rig in Malibu, McConaughey, 37, has been chillin’ and grillin’ with Brazilian model Camila Alves, 24 (see box)—who cohosted a fish cookout with him on April 14. The pair aren’t exactly roughing it: Although McConaughey has been using the campground’s public showers, he has rented three RV spots for about $6,000 a month to accommodate his 28-ft., $65,000 Airstream, which has wireless Internet and satellite TV. Then there’s the stationary bike and Stairmaster he set up for workouts. “It’s all about being fulfilled for him,” says the pal. “He likes to let loose.”

Just ask the folks Down Under, where McConaughey—who hung out with surfing buddy Kelly Slater—got a rep for buying rounds of drinks and hanging with the prettiest locals. Lately, though, his eye seems to have settled on Alves, who visited McConaughey while he was working in Australia. Once, “they came out of his beachside house, walking hand-in-hand … lovey-dovey,” says a witness. So is McConaughey serious about hanging 20? Only time will tell if he’s really ready to commit. Still, it’s no wonder people “love being around him,” says his pal. “He has such a caring personality.” And as for the ladies, says the pal, “the amazing body doesn’t hurt.”

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