Lee Ann Womack: My Favorite Escape

When Lee Ann Womack wants to get away, she doesn’t pack her bag and grab her passport. “I’ve got this tub with jets in these tiny holes on the bottom that really massage your feet,” the singer, 42, says with a dreamy sigh. “It is so relaxing.” After a typical day spent in five-inch heels (yes, five) and juggling career, life and family, a soak in her MTI air bath is a must. “When I get home, everybody meets me at the door, including my three dogs, and they all want Mom,” says Womack, who has two daughters, Aubrie, 18, with ex Jason Sellers, and Anna, 10, with her husband, Frank Liddell. “The one place you can go where no one can get to you is the bathroom.” Womack’s nightly ritual also means unwinding with her favorite bubbles (Estée Lauder Beautiful bath gel), Gold Canyon candles and a little TV (there’s a set near the tub) for the news and weather. “Even a quick bath relaxes me,” she says. “But if I have time, I’ll stay in and just keep refilling the hot water. It feels so good!”

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