By Eileen Finan Kay West
October 07, 2012 12:00 PM

With its mod white sofas, plump pillows and pops of pink and yellow, Lee Ann Womack’s vintage Airstream trailer is unmistakably a girl zone. “My husband [producer Frank Liddell] and I went to the mountains in East Tennessee one time, but he didn’t like it,” she says. “It’s so girlie and tiny, like a dollhouse.”

In other words it’s the perfect playground for Womack and a couple of girlfriends or her daughters Anna, 13, and Aubrie, 21, who love hitting the road with the trailer for beach getaways, where the cozy quarters can actually encourage mother-daughter bonding. “There’s no room for fussing and fighting or pouting,” Womack says. “We have to communicate and we have to get along. It’s like the song says: Love grows best in small places.”

Womack bought the 1973 Land Yacht Airstream three years ago while Internet surfing one sleepless night. “I found it on eBay,” she says. “I bought it in the middle of the night. Frank didn’t know; he was asleep!” The team that customized her own tour bus gutted the trailer and added chrome lighting, bamboo flooring and, over the queen-size bed, a chandelier (which is tucked into a sling while on the road to prevent pieces from dropping off). “I wanted the look of the era that the Airstream was made,” she says. “When I think of Airstreams, I think of California, the coast and sunshine, so that’s the look I was going for.”

With two flat screens, a custom tiled shower and a convection oven, the trailer (which sleeps four) is camping chic, but Womack appreciates the simple pleasures of the trips even more. “We grill, we roast marshmallows, we play cards, we sit and talk,” she says. “It gives us a chance to be together in a different way. I didn’t know if the girls would like it, but they love it.”