May 06, 1985 12:00 PM

Let me not,” counseled Shakespeare, “to the marriage of true minds admit impediments.” When Cristina Ferrare and Anthony Thomopoulos wed last weekend, they went the Bard one better: They admitted practically nobody at all. Just 12 days after a California judge quietly ended her tumultuous 11-year marriage to the multifarious John De Lorean, Cristina, 35, co-host of a Los Angeles morning talk show, married Thomopoulos, president of ABC Broadcast Group—the network’s programming czar. The venue was the Beverly Hills estate of TV Guide correspondent Wallis Annenberg, daughter of that magazine’s owner. The guest list was curt: members of each family plus a few friends like Joanna Carson. Two burly guards defended the driveway from the press, although Cristina gamely paused to wave for photographers as she arrived. Thomopoulos, 47, recently explained Cristina’s dislike of publicity: “She went through too much.”

That she did. After almost two years of being poked, cosseted and cajoled by the media while she stood by De Lorean after his drug arrest, Cristina has earned a respite. While John began preparing for a Detroit grand jury investigation into his tortuous financial affairs, Cristina sued to end the marriage—and pursued an interest in Thomopoulos. That began three years ago when she met the ABC exec during a party at Annenberg’s. At another Annenberg party last summer, they met again. The pair danced together and, as one fellow guest remembers, “It looked as though they were enjoying each other’s company quite a bit.” Soon they were being spotted à deux around L.A. Says Herald Examiner columnist Wanda McDaniel, who saw them at an ABC fete last fall: ‘They are obviously gaga over each other.”

Thomopoulos, whom one friend describes as “a real family man” (he has three children from a 22-year-long first marriage that ended in 1983), has been relentlessly protective even to the point of chastising a dressmaker’s PR agent after details of Cristina’s ecru, French lace-trimmed wedding dress were published in the local press. The secrecy held through the wedding, which was performed in the living room by an Episcopal minister—although friends say Thomopoulos takes his Greek Orthodox faith seriously and Cristina has been vocal about her conversion to evangelical Christianity. Her daughter, Kathryn De Lorean, 7, served as maid of honor; her son, Zachary, 14, who lives with his father, was not there. Tony’s three children attended. The guests quaffed champagne, then repaired to the terrace to eat cold seafood bisque, beef and pieces of a two-tiered wedding cake surmounted by doves. The wedding party danced through the sunny afternoon.

Cristina was back on the air on Monday morning, and Tony returned to his bicoastal commuting between offices. A honeymoon in the Greek isles will wait till August. By then Cristina will have left KABC—the West Coast flagship station of her husband’s network—to move to New York and possibly accept a reported offer from WABC, the New York sister station. Beamed her manager, Arthur Gregory: “She deserves a lot of happiness.”

Reported by the Los Angeles Bureau

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