By People Staff
July 07, 1980 12:00 PM

They met on Broadway. She was starring in They’re Playing Our Song; he was doing Chapter Two. Now, after a courtship of less than a year—and before the birth of a baby, expected in December—Lucie Arnaz, 28, and Laurence Luckinbill, 45, have gotten their acts together and taken them to Hawaii for a three-week honeymoon. “It’s chapter two in my life and hers too,” announced Luckinbill, referring to their failed first marriages. “Now they’re playing our song.”

Held in a Kingston, N.Y. orchard on a steamy June afternoon (“There were no apple blossoms, but plenty of bugs,” said a guest), the ceremony was devised by Larry and Lucie, and left at least one of them drained. “We were looking so hard at each other I didn’t realize I was soaking through my shirt,” said Luckinbill, previously married to actress Robin Strasser. “It’s the one time in your life when it’s permissible to be totally panic-stricken.”

Adding to the dampness was mother of the bride Lucille Ball, who burst into tears each time ex-husband Desi Arnaz was called on to serenade the guests. As for Arnaz, did it bother him to give his daughter away in marriage for the second time (she was briefly wed at 20 to actor-producer Phi Vandervort)? “Not at all,” said Desi. “I’m going to keep doing it until she gets a husband she’s happy with.” “Stop it, Daddy,” Lucie protested. “Larry’s the one.”