By People Staff
Updated September 18, 2000 12:00 PM

LEATHER HIP-HUGGERS have their place in men’s fashion–but as our judges thankfully note, that place is not on the 5’11” frame of American Beauty Oscar winner Kevin Spacey. In simple clothes that exude zero flash, the 41-year-old actor is anything but a Usual Suspect among the rest of Hollywood’s ultracool cats. Which, according to Sisqé, makes Spacey the coolest of them all. “He knows how to dress,” says the singer. As far as model Mia Tyler is concerned, that means keeping it classic. “He does suits the best,” she says. Whether in jacket and tie or just plain jeans, Spacey appeals to designer Dana Buchman because “he doesn’t seem like a wild fashion hound. He looks at home in his clothes.” Perhaps because after years of award-winning performances in film and on Broadway, Spacey is at home in his soul. Says quiz show host Ben Stein: “He’s a grown-up man and he dresses like a grown-up man, God bless him.”

Our judges applaud Spacey’s decision to skip the star trip and wear what Mia Tyler calls “a simple suit that fits well” to the L.A. premiere of The Big Kahuna in April. “Perfectly nice,” says Ben Stein. “He looks like an ordinary, conservative businessman.” Whose sly smile reminds us he’s not.

Dressed in a nylon jacket, jeans and aviator glasses at the L.A. premiere of Fight Club last October, Spacey reminds Elie Tahari of “a pilot from the ’50s. It’s a good-boy, casual look.” Ben Stein likes the actor’s “great, hangout, casual” feel. “He looks adorable,” says Dana Buchman. “He doesn’t seem like he’s trying too hard.” Indeed, Sisqé rates Spacey a “10” for outfits like this: “He’s always clean and pressed.”

Spacey strikes a polished pose in a Prada suit while accepting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last fall. “The cut is perfect on him,” says Mia Tyler. Others single out the shoes and belt. But Sisqé can’t choose: “I love the whole deal, yo.”