September 21, 2009 12:00 PM

During the last few years, producers from Dancing with the Stars have asked Kelly Osbourne to join the show—only to get the same answer. “I’ve always said no,” admits Osbourne. “But secretly I’ve wanted to say yes.” So what’s behind her decision to join this season’s cast? “I want to get fit,” she told PEOPLE. “Everybody that does the show has these amazing bodies.” After only two weeks of rehearsals in preparation for the show’s Sept. 21 premiere, Osbourne, 24, looks set to join their ranks. “I actually have some muscles under my wobbly bits!” the noticeably slimmer singer posted on her Twitter account Sept. 1. Adds her partner, Louis van Amstel: “I see her waist changing, from all the twisting. And her legs, she looks in the mirror and says, ‘Shoot, I’ve never had [that kind of toning]!” Along with practicing four hours a day, Osbourne attends Pilates class twice weekly, squeezing in workouts while on a book tour in the U.K. for her new memoir Fierce, which details how she turned to drugs and binge eating “to cope with the downsides of fame,” she writes. Clean and sober since her latest stint in rehab in January, Osbourne “has never looked this healthy,” says Van Amstel. When it comes to diet, Osbourne swapped carrots for candy and cut back on carbonated drinks. “She’s really sticking to it,” Van Amstel says. “She wants this.” And if fans send Osbourne packing early? “I don’t care what anyone says,” she says. “I just want to have fun.”

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