By Lesley Messer
October 26, 2009 12:00 PM


Kelly Hildebrandt shares a lot with her new husband: a love of the beach, of cooking and a devotion to faith. Oh, and her name. In April 2008 the Florida college student logged into Facebook and found one other Kelly Hildebrandt—a guy working in finance in Texas. So she e-mailed him: “We have the same name. Thought that was cool.” He wrote back, “Pretty cool. What’s life like in Florida?” They started talking on the phone, later met in Ft. Lauderdale and began a long-distance courtship that peaked with a December proposal on the shore.

On October 11 (after, she says, a “thorough” family-tree check to make sure they weren’t somehow related), Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt, 20, wed Kelly Carl Hildebrandt, 25, in front of 100 guests—including loads of Hildebrandts on both sides. One bonus, he notes: “She doesn’t have to change her legal documents.” Among the few complications: Her ticket on his company cruise was nearly canceled when it appeared he had double-booked himself. Now living in Orlando, the couple are still on Facebook, and both recently changed their relationship statuses to read: “Kelly Hildebrandt is married to Kelly Hildebrandt.”