By People Staff
March 24, 2003 12:00 PM

Who’s That Girl? As Bridget Erin Hennessy, the midriff-baring sexy older daughter of John Ritter on ABC’s 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, Cuoco, 17, a native Californian, drives her TV dad to distraction.

“My Closest Adult Friend”: Ritter. “Our first day,” she says, “I had this tiny little tank top on. He goes, ‘Missy, why are you wearing this? You need to change.’ He is as protective as he is loving.” (So is her real dad, Gary, 53, an Oxnard, Calif., Realtor.)

Rule No. 1 in Tennis: “There are no friends on the court,” says Cuoco, a nationally ranked amateur player until she switched to acting full-time last fall.

Worst Person to Go Driving With (in your new 2003 Mercedes): Your mom. “She is in the passenger seat freaking out. She’s always telling me to slow down, look out for the cars ahead.” (“Well, she is a little bit speedy,” says Layne, 51, a homemaker.)

On the Other Hand: “I’m a horrible driver,” says Cuoco. “I was in a mini-mini accident with our other car, the Jeep. It was a fender bender. Nice chunk out of my paycheck, and there goes shopping money for me.”

Should She or Shouldn’t She? “I’ve never been to a regular high school,” says the homeschooled actress (7th Heaven, My So-Called Life), who earned her diploma at 16. “But I’ve just been asked to my first prom by a friend.” She giggles. “I should go! I’ve never been! I’m thinking I should just go with a bunch of people.” Or: “Maybe Petey [her Chihuahua-dachshund mix] will be my date.”