March 25, 2013 12:00 PM

Run-ins with paparazzi, Twitter tantrums, some seriously questionable fashion choices—gas masks, anyone?—and an onstage collapse: Surely no pop star weathered as much public drama during a single recent week as Justin Bieber. After dining at London’s Mint Leaf Lounge & Restaurant on March 1—the day he turned 19—the pop star hit the Cirque du Soir club before leaving in a huff and tweeting that it had been his “worst birthday.” Then on March 7, he was treated for shortness of breath mid-show at the O2 Arena; the next day he lunged at a photographer after he left the hospital. While he assured fans he was on the mend, Bieber’s intense touring and turbocharged nightlife—not to mention an apparent taste for marijuana, for which he indirectly apologized on Saturday Night Live—may be taking a toll. Of his behavior, a source who has spent time with him says, “He’s wildin’ out. On a scale of hot sauce, he’s a mild, but his money is so hot, it can get him anything.” With the cancellation of his March 12 show in Portugal—his rep cited “logistical issues,” refuting reports of sluggish ticket sales—might the young star take a breather? Don’t count on it. “He would have to do something extreme for someone around him to say no,” says the source. “He’ll find a way to stay up.”

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