By People Staff
May 10, 2004 12:00 PM


AGES: 23 (her) and 30

GAME NEWLYWEDS: So, seriously, what does he see in her? “Obviously,” says Nick, “there’s a lot of physical beauty…but what would surprise most people is that she’s really a very deep, intellectual person.” And what does this deep, intellectual person like most about her husband? He is “a man of character and a man of honor.” And? “In talking to him for the first time, I couldn’t stop looking at his mouth and wondering how great it would feel to have mine on his.”


AGE: 35

DOUBLE DUTY: On Broadway, he’s the Boy from Oz; onscreen starting next week, he’s monster hunter Van Helsing.

“Flat-out classic good looks, and his eyes seem to dance,” says Halle Berry, Jackman’s X-Men costar. His fans are among Broadway’s most devoted—a group calling themselves Ozalots have seen 20, even 30 performances. But what matters as much to him—more, to his 3-year-old son Oscar—is the celebrity burping title he won last month at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards. Says Jackman proudly: “My son is finally really thrilled about what I do.”

Lucy LIU

AGE: 35


1) There’s nothing in nature sexier than a superfit woman with great hair who can deliver a flying dropkick while wearing stiletto heels.

2) She can play the accordion. (No, not at the same time!)

3) Then there’s that constellation of freckles.

4) She’s a dainty 5’3″.

5) Finally, she’s played all those kick-butt roles, from Ally McBeal‘s carnivorous Ling Woo to O’Ren Ishii, Kill Bill‘s captivating decapitator.

But those really aren’t what she’s about, right? “I try to keep my personal life private,” says Liu, “because then I can be whatever I am supposed to be on film.

“People have said, ‘Wow, you are such a bitch!’ and I say, ‘Thank you.’ ”

Hilary SWANK

AGE: 29

MULTITASKING: She was a suffragist in HBO’s Iron Jawed Angels; now look for her in Calvin Klein underwear ads—and duking it out as a boxer in Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby, shooting this summer.

“I am trying to do a transformation,” she says, “and change to be right for this role.” To achieve that transformation, she’s putting in six-day-a-week, 4½-hour-a-day workouts at “a real boxing gym” in New York City. Two and a half hours of each session includes sparring with a professional boxer and a heavy-bag workout—she has the cement-hard biceps to prove it. But husband Chad Lowe looks elsewhere. “He always talks about how pretty my eyes are,” says Swank. “He also likes my butt.”


AGE: 30

FIRED WITH ENTHUSIASM: Canned by The Donald on The Apprentice‘s finale, he’s weighing several serious job offers.

And now he has more time to work on his physique. “I love to exercise,” he says. “I think my arms are my best feature.” Fellow Apprentice Katrina Campins concurs: “Kwame’s arms got a lot of airtime,” she says. And although she means that in a good way, she also says, “I tell him, ‘I got fired because I couldn’t stop looking at you, and Trump noticed I was so unproductive.’ ”


AGE: 27

BIG BREAK: In two weeks, the German-born former model makes her U. S. debut as Helen of Troy.

Finding someone to play history’s greatest knockout was a challenge. “She had to be a talented actress, and a woman thought stunningly beautiful by everyone who saw her, just as Helen was,” says Troy‘s director Wolfgang Petersen. “But as soon as Diane entered the room, I knew I’d found her.” Kruger, who’s married and lives in Paris, is. more low-key about getting the job. “Some people will think they found the right person,” she says. “And some will think, ‘What the hell!’ There’s only so much I can do.”


AGE: 28

BALLPARK FIGURE: He was last year’s MVP playing with Texas; this season he returned to New York, where he was born.

Even today, $252 million can buy you a lot. For instance, if you’re New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, it can buy you a 6’3″, 210-lb. bronzed baseball god named A-Rod, a balletic infielder who turns into a powerful hitter, a charismatic crowd-pleaser who draws fans to the stadium—and has eyes greener than the infield grass. Just how big an impact has Rodriguez had on the Yankees, who acquired him before the start of this season? “We’re 400,000 tickets ahead of where we were last year,” says Yankees assistant general manager Jean Afterman, “and we’ve noticed that his jersey is very popular.” Of course, all those extra fans are just there for the baseball, right?


AGE: 25

WORKIN’ IT: The Entertainment Tonight correspondent covered the Oscars wearing a $2.5 million diamond-studded gown.

“When I was younger I’d get compared to Cindy Crawford,” says the former Miss Massachusetts Teen USA. “I had a neighbor who was obsessed with painting a mole on my face. I finally let him. Now the comparison I get the most is Natalie Wood.” Menounos, 40 lbs. lighter than when she graduated from Boston’s Emerson College—”I was competing with football players to see who could eat the most”—has healthy breakfasts and lunches delivered to her home in L.A. “When I was young,” she says, “I wanted to be a model, and people used to tell me, ‘You’d better get used to the hair and makeup.’ Now it’s the most relaxing part of the day. I get to sit in a chair while someone is brushing my hair and fussing with my makeup. I love it.”


AGE: 58

HER BRILLIANT CAREER: She earned a Best Actress nomination this year for her role in Something’s Gotta Give.

Nonconformist Keaton, who appeared nude in the film (“I think my legs are good,” she says modestly, “that’s about it”), has famously chosen not to turn back the clock surgically. “Actresses are constantly trying to please everyone—or at least I am,” she says. “But I don’t think plastic surgery solves your problems.” Still, she’s keeping an open mind: “I was definitely not going to have sex before I got married and that went out the window! So who knows?”


AGE: 31

JACKPOT: He stars on NBC’s new drama series Las Vegas; he played the grand prize in the recent film Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

“He’s handsome, sweet and a great basketball player,” says his Vegas costar Molly Sims. “Definitely not a bad onscreen love interest, and he’s tall!” But he was not always a heartthrob. Did he…

A) have a mullet in high school?

B) have a pierced ear in college?

C) get tongue-tied talking to girls?

D) all of the above

If you answered (D), you’re right. Now engaged to actress Kristy Pierce, Duhamel cops to all three, especially the mullet. “It wasn’t spiky on top, but it was definitely a mullet,” he says. “At the time, I thought I was on the edge of fashion.”

Jennifer BEALS

AGE: 40

MAKING WAVES: She stars on Showtime’s edgy new series The L Word.

She’s a groom-and-go kind of girl. “I pluck my eyebrows whenever I notice they’re a mess,” she says. “Usually at a stoplight, which is why I have my tweezers in my car. I have excellent peripheral vision, by the way. I’ve never been honked at.” Beals, says L Word costar Laurel Holloman, “is as stunning now as she was in Flashdance.” But she’s comfortable with the idea of aging—without plastic surgery. “Maybe if I was in a car accident, but I’m too scared,” she says. “You can’t beat time. Time will win.”


AGE: 34

CROSSING OVER: No Doubt’s lead singer just finished playing Jean Harlow in fall’s The Aviator.

“I know I’m vain…. I enjoy getting all made up. I have so much makeup, I’m not kidding.”


1) When she doesn’t want to be recognized, “I don’t wear lipstick.”

2) Though she’s known for her pale skin, “I really like fake tans. When I’m on tour I do it myself.”

3) “I don’t ever cut my hair because it always just breaks. And I haven’t seen my real hair color since ninth grade!”


AGE: 18

CURRENTLY: Playing It girl Marissa Cooper on FOX’s The O.C.

“She was our only choice for Marissa,” says O.C. executive producer McG. “The depths and size of her eyes, the structure of her chin, a delicate nose and soft flowing hair—all the highlights of history’s most beautiful women.” Barton, a Neutrogena spokesmodel, swears by sunscreen. “I tan easily, which is funny,” she says, because despite her Russian first name “I’m Irish-British.”


AGE: 29

CURRENTLY: Racking up NASCAR wins driving for the company founded by his legendary dad, Dale Sr.


1) “I’ve been told my chiseled jaw is my best feature.”

2) “I don’t tan well. I have my own tanning bed at home, but I don’t use it.”

3) “I’m a Q-tip freak. I love to clean my ears out, even if they’re not dirty.”

4) “Gyms are overrated. I don’t like going there and working out in front of everybody.”

5) If he didn’t have to have a clean-cut image because of NASCAR, “I would probably have four or five tattoos.”

SuChin PAK

AGE: 28

JOURNALISM ROCKS: An MTV News correspondent since ’01, she also hosts the network’s cross-cultural documentary series My Life (Translated).

When Pak interviews flamboyant rockers, they often see eye to eye. “Lime green shadow with sparkles in it—I love color,” she says. “When I was growing up and nobody knew how to do Asian makeup, everyone used different shades of brown. Never color, because heaven forbid you should draw attention to your features.” One feature she wishes would draw less attention? “I have what my mom calls the rice belly,” says Pak, who’s Korean-American. “I’m pretty thin and then bloop, it just pops out a little. Britney ruined it for all of us because I suddenly need to have the non-carb-eating, strictly-protein-diet belly.”


AGE: 28

RODRIG-OH! He was Laura Linney’s hunky love interest in Love Actually.

“I’m not the guy that takes care of the skin and hair. I like to be very natural,” says the Brazilian actor and health buff. His toothpaste contains propolis, an immune-system booster made by bees. “It’s a substance that’s very good for you,” he says. And though he claims “everywhere I go, I carry my little bottle of water,” he’s no fanatic. “I love ice cream, especially when mixed with chocolate,” he says. “I like chocolate and I like ice cream, but not chocolate ice cream.”


AGE: 24

FAMILY TREE: His father was actor John Ritter.

CATCH HIM: He plays wheelchair-bound Kevin Girardi on CBS’s hit Joan of Arcadia.

He admits it—he has trouble growing facial hair. “I get a little mustache and a little beard and sort of sideburns, but none of them connect,” says Ritter. And he has to rely on his girlfriend of four years, actress and model Marianna Palka, when he needs sunscreen. Once, when he applied it himself, he missed a crucial spot: “I got a burn in the shape of a lightning bolt, like Harry Potter, in the middle of my forehead.” But give him props for a shampoo discovery. “I found this giant bottle in a drugstore about a year ago,” he says. “It’s called Para Mi Bebé. It was $1.99. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen it, but it’s my favorite.”

Lindsay LOHAN

AGE: 17

ACTING OUT: She starred in last year’s Freaky Friday; catch her right now in Mean Girls.

Her career’s on fire, but Lohan is very much a teenager. “I’m still growing a little,” she says. “My doctor says I have an inch or maybe two inches to go—now I’m 5’5″ or 5’6”. She likes her nose: “Some girls have asked me if I got a nose job, but I haven’t.” Her hair too.

“I love my red hair. I would never cut it,” she says. She did once, when she was 11, because she wanted Jennifer Aniston‘s layered do. Her mother said no, so “I went to school, to the back of the art room, and chopped it,” Lohan says. A stylist then had to fix it—”layered, just like Jennifer Aniston!”


AGE: 44

YOU KNOW HIM FROM: The Last Samurai—he won a Best Supporting Actor nod.

Next he plays a ninja villain in the 2005 Batman movie. Watanabe is a big deal in his native Japan, but when fans spot him, “they have to summon all their courage just to say hello,” he says. “My face keeps people away. People think I look scary. My features are strong, and they make me look unapproachable.” The actor, who studied briefly with London’s Royal Shakespeare Company, has appeared mostly in Japanese films and TV shows. Now he hopes his formidable mug “will allow me to take on a greater range of roles in the U.S.”


AGE: 29

RECENT SIGHTINGS: In 50 First Dates; next in A Confederacy of Dunces.

After a 30-lb. weight loss and a new commitment to fitness, Barrymore looks better than ever, but she can’t shake a childhood memory: “When I was younger, people used to confuse me with Brooke Shields, which I didn’t understand at all because she was like eight feet tall and a model and I was like four inches tall and fat. I never got that one. But I was so honored. You know, ‘Thank you for the mistake!’ ”

Kenny LEON

AGE: 48

STAGE PRESENCE: He’s directing P. Diddy in a revival of A Raisin in the Sun.

What’s a gorgeous guy like Leon doing behind the scenes? “I get so much joy out of directing,” says Leon, who founded the True Colors Theatre Company in Atlanta in 2002. “I love seeing the look on an actor’s face when he discovers something he didn’t know he had in him.” Leon, who’s making his Broadway debut guiding an all-star cast that includes Sean Combs (aka P. Diddy), Audra McDonald, Phylicia Rashad and Sanaa Lathan, has in fact done some acting, mostly for TV films. In 1992’s In the Line of Duty: Street War, he says, “I played the bad guy, and the movie wasn’t over until I killed everybody.” He played against type, says Leon’s girlfriend of two years, corporate development consultant Jennifer Thompson. “He’s a doll.”

Karolina KURKOVA

AGE: 20

PICTURE PERFECT: The 5’11” Czech has racked up 52 magazine covers and 367 runway appearances.

At 16, she was one of Vogue‘s youngest-ever cover models, but what really sets Kurkova apart from her peers, says designer Zac Posen, is “her generous personality. She’s so much fun, a blast of energy.” What’s more, says Posen, “she has one of the sexiest noses. There’s a lot of flirtation in her nose.” Kurkova, who lives in Manhattan, says people are more apt to mention “my spaghetti legs or my smile—I get that one a lot. Everyone is like, ‘Please, Karolina, smile!’ ”


AGE: 35

MAN OF PASSION: Playing the Savior, he reigned at box offices here and abroad.

So this is what he looks like without the thorns, the robe, the prosthetic nose and all those gallons of movie blood that transformed him into the suffering soul of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. For the grueling role, Caviezel, says trainer Stephen Bauer, focused on his arms and upper body: “We didn’t want to overdo it, because Jesus was not a bodybuilder, he was a carpenter.” Not that Caviezel—who next portrays golf legend Bobby Jones—could ever be just another Hollywood hunk. Married since 1997 to a former teacher, he is outspoken about his deeply held religious views. A few years ago, out of respect for his wife, he passed up a chance to do a nude love scene with J.Lo.

Mary-Kate & Ashley OLSEN

AGES: 17

MEMO TO ALL NEW YORKERS: If you should spot Mary-Kate (left) and Ashley—and you will—try to stifle your natural impulse to holler, “Yo! Olsen Twins!”

The two, moving to Manhattan to attend New York University this fall, are like totally sick of being seen as hot-looking multimillionaire twins; they want to be seen as hot-looking multimillionaire individuals who look a lot alike and happen to have been born at the same time. “Two different people, two personalities,” as they responded emphatically—and jointly—when asked about it recently. And those personalities?

“They’re not way into themselves,” says Jared Padalecki, who plays Mary-Kate’s boyfriend in New York Minute, their first grown-up movie, coming out next week. “They’re not J.Lo or anything.” And Riley Smith, Ashley’s onscreen squeeze, says, “They’re pretty natural, naturally pretty girls.”

Jennie FINCH

AGE: 23

DOUBLE PLAY: She’ll pitch for the U.S. Olympic softball team in Athens this summer; in October she’s marrying Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Casey Daigle.

Her biggest occupational hazard? “I get the worst tan lines. Because of the socks I wear, I tan on my knees. And my sleeves leave weird lines.” Fortunately, “there’s Mystic Tan—it’s like walking into a car wash!” Random bruises are masked with airbrush makeup, “but I’ve used my compact,” she says. Her preferred pregame ritual? “I apply perfume before I go on the mound,” she says. “Michael Kors is my favorite.”


AGE: 41

CURRENTLY: Promoting his seventh CD, A Thousand Kisses Deep.

Barely out of his teens, the Portland, Ore.-born jazz trumpeter hit the jackpot with his first paid gig: playing backup for Frank Sinatra. But he stayed under the radar before touring with Sting in 1999. Last year he opened for Sting’s Sacred Love tour: “It was like Sting said, ‘Here, world, meet Chris Botti!’ ” “Chris looks like something from the Renaissance, sort of like a Botticelli,” says Sting. When he’s away from his New York City apartment—and his L.A.-based stockbroker girlfriend—Botti says, “the only things I take with me are a trumpet and a bag with all my Ole Henriksen skin products.” Like Sting, he’s devoted to yoga. “We’d do Ashtanga before we walked onstage,” Botti says. “It erases all the no sleep, strange hours and suspect food you get on the road.”


AGE: 29

FANS KNOW: She’s Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas; the hip-hop group is on tour for Elephunk, their latest CD.

“People really love her—guys and girls. She gets hit on way more than we boys do,” says bandmate Taboo. “She has great breasts and hips. The way she moves onstage is very exotic.” But offstage the part Mexican and Native American singer is more down-to-earth. “Sunglasses—that’s my day makeup,” she says. “A good pair and you’re set.”

Andre 3000


AKA: Andre Benjamin, one-half of hip-hop’s OutKast.

In high school, says Benjamin. “I used to hate my nose and my lips. I wasn’t the ugly duckling, but I just wasn’t in the cool, hip in-crowd.” To get there he began honing his sense of style, “Sometimes what you have on can change your whole attitude,” says Andre, who’s comfortable wearing saddle shoes, pearl bracelets and plenty of pink.

“You can have on a normal outfit, but put a hat on top of it, and all of a sudden you’re cool. Same thing with a tie. When you wear a bow tie, you feel distinguished.”

ANOTHER MUST: Keeping it “So Fresh and So Clean,” the title of OutKast’s 2000 song. “To be dapper, to look confident—that’s fresh and clean,” he says. “But it also means get your tail in the tub!”