By People Staff
May 09, 1994 12:00 PM

What a dazzling endorsement for extended vacations. Returning to 12-hour workdays in 1993, after two years away from the cameras, Julia Roberts was more wondrously radiant than ever. “She looks, well…vibrant,” gushed The New York Times. “Her skin is as clear as one of those High Sierra streams where the rare golden trout still swim.”

Roberts has always inspired breathless metaphors. One reviewer dubbed her “pillowy lipped,” another said her appeal is “rivaled only by chocolate ice cream,” and her legs, time and again, have been called “coltish.” But at 26, she is far more than the sum of her thoroughbred parts. Says Joe Roth, who’s producing I Love Trouble, a romantic comedy due out in June with Roberts and Nick Nolte: “It’s her vulnerability. an accessibility that invites you in, that separates her from other beautiful women.” What also separates Roberts is her asking price—$8.5 million per movie—and her husband, Lyle Lovett, 36, he of the exquisite croon and eccentric coiffure. In March the couple, who have homes in Houston, Manhattan and Nashville, were in Paris shooting their scenes for Robert Altman’s fashion industry send-up, Prêt à Porter. Even with her revitalized career, though, Julia hasn’t wearied of her Pretty Woman moniker. “Let’s get real,” she said recently. “Mediocre Girl might have bugged me. Pretty Woman I can live with.”