By People Staff
November 08, 2006 12:00 PM


Harking back to the golden days of country has quickly propelled Josh Turner to platinum success on the charts. “I’m definitely an old soul,” says Turner, 28. “I found myself at a young age being a student of old music. The more I listened, the more I loved it.” And while his brooding baritone voice has been compared to the late Johnny Cash’s, his old-school proclivities end there. The Hannah, S.C., native doesn’t drink or smoke and credits his faith with keeping him grounded. “I want to carry myself right in every way,” he says. The clean living is certainly good preparation for his upcoming role as dad. He and his wife, Jennifer, who sings backup for him, are expecting their first child, a son, in October. And according to her, the baby’s already a big fan. “The only time he settles down is when we’re onstage,” she says. “There’s something about Josh’s voice that calms babies.”