January 12, 2004 12:00 PM

AGE: 30

PEDIGREE: From the Bridges acting dynasty; son of Beau, nephew of Jeff, grandson of the late Lloyd

LATEST GIG: Stars with Kirsten Dunst and Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile

•The next generation: As a boorish college man in the 1950s drama Mona Lisa Smile, he breaks the heart of his young wife (Dunst).

•Most like: “His uncle Jeff,” says Beau, 62, who is divorced from Jordan’s mom, Julie, 59. “Like Jordan, Jeff was a bit against the grain.”

•Just a bit? Jordan wed artist Carrie Eastman, 29, three times: At the Burning Man arts festival in 2002, “we were married by a ship’s captain and then again by some guy with a duck on his head,” he says. Good thing they triple-knotted in January with a (relatively) traditional ceremony in Hawaii.

•Bridges boot camp: “My grandmother Dorothy would run us through these sort of emotional exercises. She’d ask us to tell a joke, sing a song or relate our first sexual experience. I’m pretty sure she thinks that no one is ever going to choose the third option.”

•The next next generation: His 7-month-old daughter, Caroline, whom they call Lola, “absolutely loves the camera,” says Bridges. “In fact she loves it so much that every time we turn it on her, she tries to eat it.”

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