November 11, 2013 12:00 PM

On Oct. 9 the Jonas Brothers shocked fans when they announced they were canceling their upcoming tour due to a “deep rift within the band.” Before that moment, there had never been any sign of strife between the close-knit siblings, who were teens when they became superstars. Now, in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE’s Sharon Cotliar, Nick, 21, Joe, 24, and Kevin, 25, open up about their decision to call it quits. “It’s over for now,” says Kevin. “We’re choosing our family over the band.”

What happened? You were just about to go on tour and release your first album in nearly four years.

NICK: About a month or two before the tour, I had concerns about the group, which I never really had an opportunity to address. I was feeling kind of trapped, and I needed to share my heart with my brothers.

JOE: It was the toughest thing I’d heard in years. At first I couldn’t speak … It was explosive. But when broken down, we all felt the same way.

KEVIN: When we got past the shock, we could see we were becoming something we couldn’t progress in. Speaking honestly, I was focusing on the business side of things and the life I was setting up. I wasn’t contributing to the music the way I should have.

JOE: It was as if we became characters. It was not authentic to us anymore. We didn’t even know the password to our own Twitter. Kevin found the password and deleted it [on Oct. 16]. It was almost therapeutic.

NICK: There were also creative differences. Those issues built up over time.

KEVIN: It affected our relationships, not just as a band but as friends and brothers.

JOE: Things that were dysfunctional in the band weren’t healthy as a family.

Some reports suggested Joe had a drug problem.

JOE: We don’t say anything for two or three weeks, and I’m [being called] a drug addict! It’s obviously not true. It’s hilarious but frustrating as well. It’s so dumb.

Others blamed the women in your lives, including Kevin’s wife, Danielle.

KEVIN: It had nothing to do with them.

NICK: This is about bandmates and brothers.

JOE: Not Yoko Onos.

So what’s next?

KEVIN: I’m getting ready to be a father!

JOE: Acting and music are neck and neck right now. We’re all genuinely thrilled about the next phase.

NICK: I’m editing our live show for a record with four of the new songs as sort of a final statement that we’ll give to our fans through our app.

KEVIN: It’s a way of saying thank you to our fans.

NICK: We understand their disappointment, but hopefully one of the things they loved about us is that we’re a family first. That’s the priority.

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