By People Staff
April 17, 1989 12:00 PM

UP FOR GRABS: 4 bdrm splt-lvl colnl-style w/pool. Small horn-honking prob, but nice neighbs. Rich rock’n roll history. Pltnm records not incld.

As front man for the rock-and-roll band that bears his name, singer Jon Bon Jovi is many things: sex symbol, lust object, teen dream, hunk o’ man. Last week he took on another role, that of surreal estate agent, In one of those only-in-America, only-in-the-age-of-music-videos promotions, Judy Frappier, 26, of Levittown, Pa., won Jon Bon Jovi’s boyhood home—a four-bedroom in Sayerville, N.J., worth $200,000-plus—in an MTV contest. The deal also included $10,000 for property taxes, a Kawasaki motorcycle and a personal tour of the premises by their most celebrated former occupant.

Despite having moved out seven years ago, Bon Jovi—who changed his name from Bongiovi for marquee purposes—never faltered when it came to room identification. “This is the kitchen,” he said confidently. “And this the burner where every Sunday my father would make spaghetti sauce.”

“It’s the only burner I’ll ever make spaghetti sauce on,” Judy promised. After a visit to the family room, still filled with memorabilia, Jon, 27, wandered out to the pool and, growing misty, recalled the joys of youth, “We used to sneak girls in through that cellar window,” he said. “Jon, don’t tell me that,” said Judy’s husband, Jay, a 28-year-old systems analyst for New Jersey Bell. “I have three daughters [Michelle, 3, Jaymie, 2, and Courtney, 6 months].”

“They’re too young yet,” said Jon, reassuringly. “Maybe next year.” Jay, an avid golfer, found further comfort in the fact that there is a top-rated course within easy driving range. “I should have time to get in a game or two after work,” said Jay, with a faraway look in his eyes. The giveaway was made possible by the fact that the Bongiovis—father John, mom Carol, brothers Anthony, 22, and Matthew, 14—were about to move to a new million-dollar home that Jon bought for them not far from his Rumson, N.J., mansion. MTV heard about the impending relocation and cooked up the contest to promote its channel and Bon Jovi’s current album, New Jersey. But if the Bongiovis are losing a house, they are also gaining a place to stop for tea and cookies when they’re in the old neighborhood. “I told Mrs. Bongiovi that she was always welcome,” says Judy. Adds Jay: “Jon should bring the band with him for pool parties.”