By People Staff
Updated May 09, 1994 12:00 PM

As a teen, every time John Michael Montgomery looked in the mirror, the same question ran-through his mind: “Why have I got these two holes in my face and ain’t nobody else got them?”

By age 29, he has decided to stop wondering and just enjoy. After all, those “two holes”—along with a chiseled chin and twinkling blue eyes—have made female country music fans shiver right down to their Tony Lamas and helped make the double-dimpled singer from central Kentucky one of Nashville’s twangiest properties. His debut CD, Life’s a Dance, sold more than 1.5 million copies and produced three Top 5 hits; his follow-up, Kickin’ It Up, gave him the distinction of being only the third country performer (along with Garth Brooks and Billy Ray Cyrus) to have a No. 1 pop album. Of course it helps that the boy can sing. But even Montgomery admits that among the 10,000 fan letters he receives each month, a good number are marriage proposals (Montgomery is single and without a steady girlfriend) or notes from women marveling at his “great buns.”

His mom, Carol Hasty, a former country musician, isn’t surprised. “He was the cutest baby you’ve ever seen,” she says. “Ever since he was 12, the girls have been following him around.” (Montgomery’s own tastes are mainstream: Sharon Stone and Heather Locklear are faves.) But the 6’2″ singer, whose biggest concession to grooming is to comb his hair (with his fingers), isn’t letting the adulation stretch his Stetson. At 190 pounds, he feels 20 pounds too heavy: “I’ve got a beer belly, no muscles and I’m bowlegged as hell.” Sounds like a country song.