May 09, 1994 12:00 PM

He was, he told a PEOPLE reporter, “flattered” to learn that he’d been nominated to our 50 Most Beautiful pantheon for the third year running. We ourselves are delighted by the new depth of his dazzle. Sure, he was boyishly beguiling in 1992, handsomely hunky in 1993. But now, at 33, he’s exhibiting a mesmerizing maturity: a jut to his jaw and a debonair desk-side manner. “When he talks to you, he focuses on you totally,” says a former coworker in the Manhattan D.A.’s office, where JFK Jr. worked until last July. “That’s a very sexy thing.

As he and his family rally around his mom, Jackie, during her battle with lymphoma, Kennedy is marching into new arenas. He’s testing concepts for a nonpartisan political magazine he hopes to launch next year, and has just finished hosting a six-part look at New York City on a PBS affiliate. As well, his stop-and-go romance with Daryl Hannah is on again. They’re sharing Manhattan digs, and in March the two flew to the Cayman Islands for a weekend of sun and calypso. As usual, Kennedy is close-mouthed about his love life—and everything else. “I am,” he says, “enjoying my anonymity.” Dream on, dreamboat.

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