By People Staff
May 09, 1994 12:00 PM

They’re throwing teddy bears. And underwear. They’re moaning in the studio, sobbing at the stage by the thousands. No, it’s not Leif Garrett; not David Cassidy. Sending them around the bend these days with a wink of his soft-focus brown eyes and a toss of his laid-back locks is 18-year-old Joey Lawrence, the adolescent Adonis of TV’s Blossom and a budding pop performer boasting packed shows and a second album due in September. Says Blossom‘s Jenna von Oy, noting that her shy costar is nothing like his cement-headed character Joey Russo, “He doesn’t pull any macho stuff. He takes [the adulation] as well as he possibly can.”

Admitting to bad hair days and occasional zits, he avoids Big Macs and pumps up with a trainer to maintain an appeal he doesn’t understand. But a campus of coeds will soon deliver the message. Lawrence, who lives in L.A. with his parents, who also manage his brothers Matthew, 14 (Mrs. Doubtfire), and Andrew, 6 (TV’s Tom), heads for the University of Southern California this fall. Yet the unattached actor (he once dated Christy‘s Kellie Martin) is looking at the long term. In 30 years, he says, “I’m going to be an awesome grandpa. No wearing a cardigan and smoking a pipe or something.”