By People Staff
May 10, 1999 12:00 PM

Jessica Biel doesn’t mince words about makeup. “It’s pointless and I hate it,” declares the 17-year-old star of The WB’s 7th Heaven. “And I have to wear so much on the show that the last thing I want to do when I come home is suffocate my face.”

Even barefaced, however, the Boulder, Colo.-reared Biel can be, well, breathtaking. “She has this all-American yet exotic look,” says Heaven executive producer Aaron Spelling. “My wife keeps saying, ‘She has the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen.’ ” The daughter of Jon, a business consultant, and Kim, a homemaker, Biel (who has a brother, Justin, 14) credits that complexion to a bit of Choctaw blood (“I’m German, French, English and American Indian—and a lot of other things too”), but she also tends it well, washing mornings and nights with Cetaphil cleanser, dabbing on Oil of Olay eye gel and getting regular facials. “I am good to my face,” she says.

After a spell as a self-described “chunk” in her preteen years, the 5’7½” Biel is also good to her body, playing competitive soccer in an L.A. league, jogging regularly and taking Tae-Bo, a mix of aerobics and martial arts. “One summer I looked at myself in a bathing suit and said, ‘This has got to go,’ ” she recalls of her then-ample hips and thighs. “I began working out and taking care of myself, and I’ve been thin ever since.” But you won’t find this happily attached high school junior (“I have a boyfriend—that is all I have to say about it”) obsessing over diets. “I definitely have a good perspective,” she says. “I love food too much.”