September 26, 2005 12:00 PM

At the recent New York City premiere other new drama An Unfinished Life, Jennifer Lopez pondered her key to happiness: “Just to do what you love with people you love around you,” she told PEOPLE. Huh? No talk of diamonds, Dom or any other diva staples? Indeed Lopez, 36, has mellowed since her June 2004 nuptials to singer Marc Anthony. She recently finished shooting a new film, Bordertown, and this fall is launching another clothing line, Sweetface, as well as a new fragrance (see box). But she’s also focused on family, cheering on Anthony, 37, during his current tour. “It’s no longer him by her side watching her work and supporting her,” says a source close to the couple. “It’s a role reversal. Now she’s there to support him.” “I’ve been kind of like a groupie,” she told David Letterman. Of course, she still breaks out her own entourage—as she did at her premiere for An Unfinished Life, costarring Robert Redford. “We roll with a huge crowd,” says her sister Lynda. “That’s very Puerto Rican!”

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