By People Staff
Updated September 18, 2000 12:00 PM


Brad Pitt on her arm for the rest of her life might have been enough to impress our judges. But the panel agrees that Jennifer Aniston–whose glass-beaded Lawrence Steele bridal gown was being copied just days after the couple’s July 29 wedding–has more going for her than her fabulous new husband. The 5’5″ Friends star “is like one of those cardboard dolls you could put anything on and it would look good,” says model Mia Tyler. Seventh Avenue’s Dana Buchman credits Aniston, 31, with “sophisticated style, very modern, very comfortable.” And though designer Elie Tahari is convinced that “she knows fashion,” Aniston says it wasn’t always so. “I remember thinking ‘couture’ was a designer,” she told W magazine last year. “I thought, ‘Wow! This guy is everywhere–on every I label.'” Of course, six seasons of playing frazzled Rachel on NBC’s top-rated sitcom have changed a lot for Aniston: Her hair is longer, her body leaner, and her bank account much, much heftier. But for the T-shirt and flip-flop fan, facing a closet now filled with cutting-edge Prada and Dries Van Noten designs can still be unnerving. “Sometimes for big events I hire a stylist,” she has admitted. “I’m not great at pulling clothes together in the ‘proper’ way.” Aniston needn’t be too concerned. As Tyler points out, “She’s with Brad Pitt, so she must be doing something right.”

Aniston (with Brad Pitt) made waves in what Elie Tahari calls her “mermaid” Randolph Duke outfit at the Emmy Awards in L.A. last September. “I’ll swim with her!” he says. Singer Sisqò would just like to shop with her. “Ooh, girl,” he asks, “where’d you get that dress?” Wherever, it works, says Dana Buchman: “The skirt goes beautifully with the slim beaded top–ornate but not over-the-top. It’s a new twist on black tie.”

“There is nothing at all wrong with this. It’s super,” says quiz show host Ben Stein of the Ferragamo gown Aniston wore to the Screen Actors Guild Awards in L.A. in March. “It’s almost like a classical Greek sculpture–very understated,” says Dana Buchman. “The shawl is a lovely touch because it lightens the outfit up and feminizes it. What a nice relief from the excesses of Hollywood.” Indeed, says Mia Tyler, “she looks maidenly–like Rapunzel.”

The actress was the judges’ choice in Ralph Lauren at the People’s Choice Awards in Pasadena last January. “Cute little A-frame dress,” says Mia Tyler. “Beautiful neckline, beautiful shoes,” adds Elie Tahari. “Minimal accessories. Very flattering.” Dana Buchman agrees: “The taffeta is adorable. I love it.”

Stepping out in L.A. last December in a poodle coat, Aniston was pure pedigree. “She looks put-together,” says Mia Tyler. “Her slim pants and boots look great.” Adds Ben Stein: “I just love that fuzzy jacket, whatever it is.”

The Friends star took a delightfully daring plunge in her Valentino dress at a charity event in L.A. last October. “The neckline is cut as far as you can go and look nice,” says Elie Tahari. “The shoes and bag are good too.” Mia Tyler agrees that “the dress shows a lot of cleavage–but it’s cute.” Dana Buchman declares, “Wonderful, with an unusual mix of colors.”

The Susan Lazar pants and Calvin Klein jacket that Aniston wore to L.A.’s Erin Brockovich premiere in March were “elegant and chic,” says Dana Buchman. While Elie Tahari concurs that “she put herself together well,” Ben Stein is almost awestruck. “Perfect!” he says.