All-American NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon gets fans revved up in no time

By People Staff
May 12, 1997 12:00 PM

HE’S FAST AND HE’S DANGEROUS, but when fans watch Jeff Gordon slam and bang his way around a stock-car racetrack, they throw caution flags to the wind. And NASCAR devotees aren’t the only people coming out to cheer for the 25-year-old Gordon, who hopes to bring home his second Winston Cup Championship this year. Thanks to his penetrating blue eyes and dimpled chin, the Vallejo, Calif., native has made his races required viewing for many who don’t know a piston from a firearm.

“Women come up to me all the time and say, ‘You’re so lucky you got him before I could,’ ” says his wife, Brooke, 26, a former model. “I just laugh. I agree with them. He’s the best-looking thing I’ve laid eyes on.”

Even fellow driver Kyle Petty can see what has folks all revved up: “He’s got that all-American-boy look.” All-American with iron: the 5’7″ Gordon works out with a trainer every few days and is pushing himself to meet his fitness goal of 500 push-ups each week. “I’ll be there soon,” he promises. “It’s just tough to find the time.” Fortunately, everything else comes naturally. “All I try to do is make my hair look good,” he says, “and let the rest just fall in place.”