April 21, 1997 12:00 PM

When things get a little too Hollywood in the sprawling Mediterranean-style Beverly Hills house that comedian Jeff Foxworthy, 38, shares with his wife, Gregg, 38, and daughters Jordan, 5, and Julianne, 3, the NBC sitcom star heads downstairs. “It’s really, really quiet in this garage,” says Foxworthy, who retreats to the white-walled space “when you get all them girls upstairs at one time.” Gregg takes credit for keeping the room spotless. “If left to Jeff, it would be rags and nails everywhere,” she says. “That’s the creative mind.” Foxworthy’s ultimate destination is the black, leather-upholstered 1996 Dodge Ram pickup truck that reminds him of his brother Jay’s pickup back in Georgia. Jeff had to special-order this one, he says, because “apparently they don’t sell a lot of pickups in Beverly Hills.” Adds Jay, 33, an Atlanta-area graphic arts company manager: “It’s like a spaceship out there. Everybody else is in a Mercedes or a Jaguar. ‘Course, my truck looks a little better than his. His is probably cleaner inside, though.” Not so, says Gregg, who calls her husband’s wheels “his rolling desk. If you’re trying to find a phone number, just look on the floorboard in the backseat and start digging.”

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