October 18, 1976 12:00 PM

Janey Renee Jimenez, 23, the U.S. deputy marshal who sat behind Patty Hearst as the guilty verdict was read last March, was in the San Francisco federal court again last month when Patty was sentenced to seven years. This time Janey was only a spectator. She resigned her $8,925 government job in July for a million-dollar contract spread over several years with Marvin Glass and Associates, a Chicago toy company. Janey will have nothing to do with toys; instead, the firm will subsidize her while she writes a book about her experiences with Patty. “It is a step up in her life,” says her lawyer, Duncan Barr. The friendship between the two women has continued in spite of prison authorities’ refusal to let Janey visit the 22-year-old newspaper heiress. However, the two have talked on the phone often. Now that Patty has been remanded to a federal institution, she has included Janey on her list of authorized visitors. Janey says, “I want to see her so bad.” Now living in San Diego where she attended college, Janey is catching up with school chums and, in addition to the book project, has applied to law and graduate schools.

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