March 30, 2015 12:00 PM

Being tapped to replace Craig Ferguson as the new host of The Late Late Show has taken British actor James Corden to new heights – literally. “They had me stand on top of a billboard, yelling things from a bullhorn,” he says of recently shooting a promo for the show, which premieres March 23 on CBS. “It was a great view. But it was very hot!” Things are only just heating up for Corden, 36, who starred as the Baker in the Oscar-nominated Into the Woods in December and has long been a television star in the U.K. “This is just not something I ever thought would come my way,” he says of the hosting gig. “I’ve never interviewed anyone before, so I’m using every opportunity [to practice]. Every time I get in an Uber, I treat the driver as though he’s a guest.” The native of High Wycombe (“This tiny town most Brits haven’t even heard of, let alone Americans”) has now uprooted his wife, Julia, son Max, 4, and daughter Carey, 5 months, for life in L.A. “But this was an opportunity we just had to take,” Corden says. “I owe it to everyone we left behind to give it everything I’ve got.” And it’s not as though it’s exactly tough living. “The other day we just drove around for two hours and ended up going all the way up past Malibu. It was just so beautiful. We kept saying to each other, ‘I can’t believe we’re here.'”

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