By Rennie Dyball
September 24, 2007 12:00 PM

Sure, James Blunt knows that his hit “You’re Beautiful” was played so incessantly that it got banned by a U.K. radio station last year. But for him? “Never got sick of it,” Blunt, 33, insists. “Like chocolate cake. Sometimes I eat too much of it, so I eat cheesecake instead. The trick is to switch before you get sick of either.” Before serving up a new variety of sweets on his second album, All the Lost Souls, Blunt chatted with PEOPLE’s Rennie Dyball about some other ubiquitous Brits and his L.A. hideout, Les Deux.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to you?


Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

Done to me? I’ve had nothing perverse thrown at me. But I get some pretty amazing things from fans that you can tell have taken hours to construct. I received a scrap-book that’s a work of art in itself. I keep everything that’s sent to me. I have a room in my home for it—there is less and less space now!

Do you think you’ll have time to shave now that the new album’s done?


Dublin, Ireland

[Laughs] I don’t think I will. Genuinely! I’m working too hard. Even to wash.

You seem to be partying hard. Have you become a victim of the Hollywood party circuit?


Vergennes, Vt.

I recorded Back to Bedlam four years ago, and I was out on the Hollywood circuit at every single bar and club there was. But pictures are taken of me now, so some think I’ve [just] fallen into that trap. No, I was there early on. It’s just that no one took pictures of me! I enjoy going to places like Les Deux—it’s a good club in Los Angeles. I hang around there far too much.

What’s the scoop behind the “You’re Beautiful” video? Was the dive off the cliff for real?


Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

[The concept was] I was baring my soul and lining up my worldly possessions. And then throwing myself off the cliff. Kind of cleansing, I suppose. And yeah, I did do it for real. Twice. Very painful.

Are you excited that the Beckhams are here in America?


Charlotte, N.C.

I’m very, very excited by that. I watch the news occasionally, and I’ve seen [them on it]. There are a couple of wars going on too, and there’s global warming and climate change. But I think it’s good for football in America.

Will you meet my grandma? She loves you so much!


St. Albert, Alta.

[Smiles] If she turns up at a concert, which is when I’ll be nearest to her in her own country, then I’ll come knocking on the door. It will be an absolute pleasure.

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