By People Staff
November 26, 2001 12:00 PM

He’s lucky, all right. After General Hospital‘s teen heartthrob Lucky Spencer was killed off in a 1999 fire when actor Jonathan Jackson left the show, the character was miraculously revived by newcomer Jacob Young. Even luckier for viewers, Young, 22, is the daytime doppelganger of Brad Pitt. “I was with Jacob once when a fan was hyperventilating so much I thought she would faint,” says actor Chris Engen, 22, Young’s friend since both auditioned for the GH role. “But what’s most attractive about Jacob is that he’s really a sweet and generous guy.”

Spotted in 1997 busing tables at a Denny’s in Carlsbad, Calif., i by a customer with contacts, the Washington-born Young soon had a role on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful and an apartment in Beverly Hills. To play a teen on GH, “they put me in loose clothes so my shoulders don’t show,” says the 5’8″ weight lifter. “That would distinguish me as a man in—stead of a boy.” Young’s girlfriend,: actress and model Julie Costello, 25, wasn’t fooled when she first spotted the accomplished singer (who released his self-titled debut album in August) at a party a year ago. “I saw him on the dance floor,” Costello says. “And the way he was moving was…wow!”