and Liza Hamm
February 07, 2011 12:00 PM

From the unperspiring ease of his jumping jacks to his peppy slogans (“Your waistline is your lifeline!”), Jack LaLanne was “the father of the biggest health movement in the world,” says Dr. Mehmet Oz. “And he walked the walk.”

After an 80-year routine of exercise, no sweets and no caffeine, the tireless fitness fanatic-in his prime, he did 1,033 pushups in 23 minutes-died on Jan. 23 at 96, proof “of what results you get from working out daily and eating well,” says former California governor (and champion bodybuilder) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Suffering from pneumonia, LaLanne passed away at home in Morro Bay, Calif., with his wife of 61 years, Elaine, and their three children by his side. “I sang ‘If You Were the Only Boy in the World,'” says Elaine. “He smiled.”

After a troubled childhood, LaLanne was inspired by a nutritionist to pursue a life dedicated to fitness. He opened his first gym in his early 20s and in the 1950s debuted the exercise show that made him a TV star. He’d go on to launch a gym chain as well as vitamins and juicers. He also became known for pulling off amazing feats of strength, like swimming while handcuffed and pulling a 1,000-lb. boat, as he did at age 60.”Inactivity is the killer,” he said. “And remember, it’s never too late.”

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