By People Staff
October 25, 2004 12:00 PM

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A 15-second promo for MTV’s Spring Break 2004 that ran last winter. WHERE YOU’VE SEEN HIM The Butterfly Effect and two Mel Gibson films, The Patriot and What Women Want.

His high school drama teacher. “Thank God,” says the Winchester, Ky., native, “because I would hate to be 65 and think, ‘What if I had tried to be an actor?’ ” GUIDING INFLUENCE Mel. “He would teach me card tricks and stuff. Mel’s a cool guy. I was pretty young. I thought all movies were going to be like that.”

Dad is an insurance salesman; Mom is an assistant teacher. “She is flying in for the weekend. She’s never been to L.A. before and never seen an 8-ft.-high billboard with my face on it. She’s going to freak.”

MEET THE PARENTS “Me and my dad [Larry, an LA. businessman], we work out all the time. In the morning we go running. My mom [Lisa, his manager] makes me take piano lessons. She’s like,’ It will keep you balanced.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m sure.’ ”

“I see myself being married to my girlfriend [a Michigan TV-news reporter he met while studying drama at Western Kentucky University] and backpacking all over the world. If I can go out and do a 15-mile hike and climb a 12,000-ft. peak, I’m good to go.”

FLASH FORWARD “I want to be known as the biggest heartthrob ever.” For now, “a majority of my friends are girls, but I do not have one particular girlfriend. It would be fun to have some girl fans. I wouldn’t mind. I’ve already gotten a bunch of letters.”