April 03, 1978 12:00 PM

You’ve heard those comments—if you haven’t made them yourself—that a 9-year-old could paint an abstract masterwork. Well, study closely Kent Silberman’s art classroom at the Oak School in Niles, Ill. and pick out from among all the whimsy produced by fourth-through sixth-graders the work of that somewhat older surrealist, Joan Miró. Last November Silberman, 26, mailed an homage of Miró-esque sketches by his students to the Spanish painter. Genuinely touched, the 84-year-old Miró sent back a sheet of stationery decorated on both sides with his artistry. “We can only guess its value,” Kent says, “unless we auction it off.” An art dealer figured $5,000, but the class isn’t interested.

Okay, time’s up. Miró, Miró on the wall, which one…The real Miró is just below Silberman’s hand.

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